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Opera alumnus has passion for singing — and talent to pursue it

The songbird from Brooklyn said an elementary school glee club conductor sparked her singing career when he gave her a classical piece to perform. “That’s when I realized I had a solo voice and really liked singing,” says Sibongile Boyd. “It was just something about the grandeur of it that attracted me. I preferred singing more than listening to instrumental pieces.”
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September 2006

The Binghamton University Art Museum was named in the September issue of Car & Travel magazine in an article highlighting the “From Neurology to Psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud’s Drawings and Diagrams of the Mind” exhibit which was displayed September 8 through November 17. The exhibition displayed 30 of Freud’s sketches throughout his 60-year career.

James Petras, bartle professor emeritus, wrote an article titled “The Lobby and the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon: Their Facts and Ours” featured in the September 5 issue of Arab News. Petras is the author and editor of 63 books translated in 31 languages. His latest book is The Power of Israel in the United States.

Mark Reisinger, assistant professor of geography, was featured in the September 6 issue of The New York Times for his input on the labor-starved state of Wyoming. Economic development officials are vigorously courting workers to relocate to Wyoming, especially from Michigan’s struggling auto industry. Reisinger, who studies labor mobility, said that, “People with high education and skills are the first to leave a declining area.”

Anthony Silvestri, a fire safety coordinator and Joseph Gallagher, a fire safety system coordinator, both with the Binghamton University environmental health and safety department, were featured in the September 7 issue of New York Teacher newspaper for their efforts in a hazardous chemical spill in a geology lab. Silvestri and Gallagher’s quick response to the chemical emergency ensured a timely resolution to the spill and secured the safety of the building.

Maria Gillan, professor of English, was featured in the September 7 issue of the South Brunswick Post for the promotion of a free poetry series event. Gillan, the director of the creative writing program at Binghamton University, is also a published poet, an editor of the Princeton Literary Review, and the founder of the Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College in Paterson, New Jersey.

John R. Lott, Jr.’s editorial entitled “NY Gun Laws & the Granny” was published in the September 14 issue of the New York Post stating his support of the legality of gun right-to-carry laws. Lott, the dean’s visiting professor at Binghamton University, is the author of “More Guns, Less Crime” and “The Bias Against Crime.”

Brian Altomare, a Binghamton University alumnus and founder of MadPackers and President Lois DeFleur were featured in a September 15 article on the Internet site Yahoo! Finance. An agreement has been established in which MadPackers began advertising for their various college shipping and storage services to Binghamton University students in the Spring of 2007.

Dr. Robert Isaacson, PhD, a distinguished emeritus professor of neurobehavioral science, was quoted Sept. 21 in the Amherst Times in an article titled “Blue-Ribbon Scientific Panel Exposes Fluoridation’s Serious Health Risks” which discussed the health risks associated with the addition of fluoride to the public water supply.

Lois Einhorn, professor of English, was featured in the September 22 issue of The Jewish Week in an article titled, “Begging for Forgiveness.” Einhorn discussed forgiveness in her recently published book Forgiveness and Child Abuse: Would YOU Forgive?

Liz Rosenberg, professor of English, had an article published in the September 24 issue of The Boston Globe called “The Origins and Bravery of Young Souls,” where she reviewed various books for young readers. Rosenberg’s 18th picture book, Nobody’s Home, will be out next year.

Daniel Chambers, deputy chief of the State University Police at Binghamton University, was noted in a September 25 article on the Parking Network’s website. Chambers discussed how the University will be the first in the Northeast to offer personal parking meters through a partnership with Ganis Systems Ltd.. WSTM – TV of Central New York also covered this story.

Binghamton University was noted in the September 26 issue of New York Magazine in an article entitled “Hillary Finds Refuge Upstate” for the recent campus visit from Senator Hillary Clinton.

Binghamton University was mentioned in Business Week online on September 27 in an article entitled “The Most Affordable Housing Markets,” which discussed the housing market in Binghamton compared to those closer to Manhattan.

Christine Gelineau, adjunct assistant professor of English and assistant director of the creative writing program, was featured in the September 28 issue of The Daily Star of Oneonta, New York concerning a book signing event and open reading session.

Tim Lowenstein, professor of geological sciences and environmental studies, was quoted in Discovery News, a publication by the Discovery Channel, in an article called “Study: Earth was Once Hot, CO2-Rich” on September 28. Lowenstein’s work concerning mineral evidence for ancient carbon dioxide levels back up the study, which examines the Earth’s atmosphere millions of years ago. Lowenstein was also featured in Science AAAS on September 29.

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