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Effectively translating data to help kids

Sean O'Hagen chose to pursue his doctorate in clinical psychology at Binghamton because he saw a close-knit program — a happy group of people "really working together."
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August 2007

Kenneth Holmes, former assistant vice president for student affairs, was featured in numerous publications across the nation including The Associated Press, The Houston Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Newsday, Inside Higher Ed and USA Today in the month of August regarding campus safety. He discussed how Binghamton University has held several orientation sessions devoted entirely to campus safety. According to Holmes, parents main concerns dealt with “how do we communicate” between administration and students. New emergency procedures include a campus bell tone that can be sounded to signal emergencies as well as a mass text messaging system.

Kenneth Kurtz, associate professor of Psychology, was cited in Health & Medicine Week on August 6 as well as Science Letter & Life Science Weekly on August 7 for research conducted on cognition. The report entitled, “Converging on a new role for analogy in problem solving and retrieval: when two problems are better than one” was published in the journal Memory & Cognition. Implications for psychological theory and real-world applications are discussed.

David Sloan Wilson, professor of Biological Sciences, was a featured speaker on Minnesota Public Radio on August 7. Wilson, along with two other professors, discussed how research suggests that selfless and altruistic behavior may be more hardwired in some people than others.

Philip Rightmire, former distinguished professor of anthropology, was featured in the August issue of Scientific American magazine. Researchers have often assumed that Homo habilis evolved into the larger Homo erectus, from which our species likely branched. But if the two species coexisted, it is much more plausible that they evolved separately from a common ancestor. Rightmire states that “Many of us have already abandoned this simple scheme” of habilis begetting erectus. Rightmire is a skeptic of this assumption.

David Sloan Wilson, professor of Biological Sciences, was quoted in MSNBC on August 9 for his thoughts on society’s obsession with celebrity figures. “Our minds are adapted for a small-scale society and what’s happening today is an out of control version of that,” said Wilson. “The lust for fame has taken on this pathological form that is much like our eating habits making us obese.” The view that fame is like any other addiction is a popular perception according to several psychologists mentioned in the article.

Binghamton University was featured in numerous publications, including the Associated Press, The Post Standard and Business Wire in August regarding the increased number of applicants. Binghamton University has led the SUNY system in applications this year with more than 25,000 applicants. Out of state applicants were up 70 percent, indicating a reflection of Binghamton’s accolades in national rankings. According to Brian Hazlett, senior associate director of undergraduate admissions, “Our reputation within U.S. News & World Reports has helped us grow with our reputation outside the boarders of New York.”

Binghamton University was announced in US News & World Report as one of “America’s Best Colleges” in the 2008 edition and is ranked among the nation’s top universities for the eleventh consecutive year. Binghamton University ranks 37th among public universities and colleges and 82nd among all public and private universities. Binghamton moved up from the 86th spot the university claimed last year, signaling a rise in nearly every aspect of higher education.

Maryann Nemcek, assistant professor, Decker School of Nursing, was noted in the journals Health & Medicine Week, Science Letter, Life Science Weekly, Hospital Law Weekly and Hospital Business Week in August, regarding her research in nursing. “Relationships among the nurse work environment, self-nurturance and life satisfaction” was published in The Journal of Advanced Nursing. The researchers concluded that “Approaches that incorporate both self-nurturance and workplace Magnet features are suggested to improve the health and retention of experienced nurses.”

Dennis Chavez, director of financial aid services, was quoted in the newsletter am New York on August 21 in regards to navigating the financial aid system. Chavez recommends contacting your financial aid office shortly after the start of the school year to see if any scholarship funds have cleared. “Financial aid is like an airline gate. There’s a certain amount of money that’s been allocated for scholarships,” said Chavez.

Binghamton University was mentioned in The Syracuse Post-Standard on August 22 regarding the university’s new Downtown Center. The Center, which houses the College of Community and Public Affairs, was opened in August and offers programs in human development, public administration and social work. According to the article, the Downtown Center represents collaboration between the university and the city of Binghamton to help benefit and complement each other.

Ali Mazrui, director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies, was noted in on August 23. Mazrui was in Accra, Ghana to deliver the August edition of the Golden Jubilee lectures. The Golden Jubilee lectures celebrate “the degree of commitment to our motto freedom and justice since independence.” Mazrui’s lecture topic was “The Brain Drain and the dual Diaspora: Post-enslavement and post-coloniality.”

Binghamton University and President Lois DeFleur were mentioned in the August 26 issue of The Daily Freeman (Kingston, NY) for involvement in the Solar Energy Consortium. The Solar Energy Consortium is a public-private partnership, which focuses on the research and development of solar power. Vincent Cozzolino and Frank Falatyn, two of the tree founding members of the consortium, met with DeFleur and other officials in an effort to continue building their research team – a group of academic university partners.

J. Koji Lum, undergraduate director of anthropology, along with Ralph Garruto, professor and director of anthropology, were featured in numerous publications in the month of August including Drug Discovery and Development (NJ), Bioscience Technology magazine,, and RxPG News. A $1.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will fund a new malaria study at Binghamton University. Lum and Garruto will study how the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum evolved resistance to the once-effective medication chloroquine. Lum stated “Malaria is responsible for 1-3 million deaths a year, most of which are children under five in sub-Saharan Africa.”

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