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Perhaps calling Stacey Daniel driven is an understatement. A 2004 graduate of Binghamton, she earned her bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law (PPL) and master's degree in the Philosophy Graduate Program in Social, Political, Ethical, and Legal Philosophy (SPEL) — in just four years.
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August 2008

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biological sciences, was mentioned in the Chronicle of Higher Education on August 1 as a contributing editor to the book, The Literary Animal: Evolution and the Nature of Narrative. The book covers the issue of Literary Darwinism, which has been garnering attention because it joins evolutionary-minded scholarship in various fields.

Binghamton University was listed in Forbes and as one of the top colleges for getting rich. The study, conducted by, looked at earnings of alumni at colleges around the country. Graduates of Binghamton University, which ranked eleventh, were found to earn an average of $201,000 a year for executives.

Binghamton University was featured in numerous publications in August including: Top India newspaper, the Journal News, and The Poughkeepsie Journal, as the 34th top ranked public university and/or college. U.S, News & World Report assembles data from over 1,400 colleges and releases the rankings annually. In addition, Binghamton was mentioned as being on the list of national universities where students graduate with the least debt.

Daniel Henderson, associate professor of economics, was featured in numerous publications throughout August including The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Infozine and KerealaNext newspapers regarding his study on the impact of homework on student achievement. The study found that math homework tends to have a more significant impact of test scores for high and low achievers and is less effective for average achievers. Henderson was quoted stating, “Teachers should consider quality over quantity when it comes to homework assignments.”

Binghamton University was ranked by the Princeton Review, as one of the top “green” campuses and was featured in numerous publications in August including the Associated Press, The News Journal (DE), The Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA), and University Business Daily (CT). The institutions on the list were ranked based on the university’s commitments to environmental responsibility and if “healthy and sustainable” campus life is available for students.

Mary Muscari, associate professor of nursing, was interviewed in The Examiner (D.C.) on August 13 regarding her books, “Not My Kid: 21 Steps for Raising a Nonviolent Child,” and “Let Kids Be: Rescuing Childhood.” In addition, Muscari discussed how to cope with the end of the summer blues. Later in the month she was featured in Alternative Thinking regarding ways to protect your child against cyberbullying. “In a way it’s worse. With regular bullying you can get out of school. Cyberbullying can follow you around.” She states that parents should consider setting up firewalls online and need to encourage their children to be confident and stand up for themselves.

Gary James, Director of the Institute for Primary and Preventive Health Care, was featured in numerous publications in August regarding his study of breast cancer, which has provided new insights into the disease. James was quoted stating, “We recently reported that healthy women at familial risk for breast cancer have higher urinary cortisol levels at work than women without familial risk.”

David Hacker, associate professor of history, was featured in USA Today and The Pacific Daily News on August 19 and August 23 where he discussed a study by the U.S. Census, which showed that more women are staying childless or are bearing children later in life. Hacker stated, “a lot of it is delayed marriage and women getting started a little bit later in life.”

Cheryl Fabrizi, director of enrollment marketing management, was featured in the August edition of University Business magazine. In an article about marketing institutions of higher education Fabrizi discusses Binghamton University’s use of the Google analytics tool on their website. This feature was added to the website to detect where applicants are located so resources can be targeted appropriately. She was quoted saying, “This tool offers us a way to be stealthy in reverse.”

Subimal Chatterjee, professor of marketing, discussed his study on the performance of movie sequels in Macleans and Silicon India magazines on August 22 and 25 respectively. Professor Chatterjee analyzed how well sequels have performed at the domestic box office and found that sequels perform better at the box office compared to non-sequels.

Brian Hazlett, director of undergraduate admissions, was quoted in an article titled, “The SUNY Surge,” in The Syracuse New Times on August 28 stating, “SUNY rivals Ivy League schools, but at one-third of the cost for an Ivy League education. Students are getting top jobs and into graduate schools and there’s less debt on them. Binghamton has been witnessing students choosing state over private for years.” The article also noted that Forbes magazine recently ranked Binghamton University 16th among public universities and 57th among public and private universities in the nation.

David Sloan Wilson, professor of biological sciences, was featured in numerous publications throughrout August including The Huffington Post regarding his leadership of the University’s Evolution Studies program. Wilson stated “It really is the case that evolution has become a set of basic principles that really explains life. As that becomes ever more apparent and ever more powerful, then it’s clear that something’s got to give with respect to out own species.” This program received National Science Foundation funding to expand into a nationwide consortium.

Scott Hanson, visiting assistant professor of history, participated in an Ask America webchat on August 29 on the Macro World Investor website where he discussed religious diversity in America. “Pluralism is perhaps the best word to describe the state of living in a diverse society…The conditions for diversity seem to stem from a democratic government that permits immigration and protects religious freedom by law,” said Hanson.

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