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Passion for the environment spurs student to succeed

"I want to write books for children and adults that are entertaining and accessible and get research to the public," says Kristen Randall, who has already designed curriculum for second-graders to study environmental issues.
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February 2009

Pamela Stewart Fahs, professor and Decker Endowed Chair in Rural Health Nursing, was featured in USAgnet (Marshfielf, Wis.) in a story about the healthy heart challenges that women in rural areas are faced with. According to Fahs, women living in rural communities are among the last groups to stop smoking and may have a harder time accessing health care and messages about healthy habits than suburban or urban women.

Meredith E. Coles, assistant professor of psychology, was featured in Life Science Weekly (Atlanta) and Psychology & Psychiatry Journal (Atlanta) about a psychological study she conducted about obsessive-compulsive disorder that was published in Behavior Therapy

Diane Witt, assistant professor of psychology, was quoted in an article about love in The Gulf News (Dubai, United Arab Emirates). The article states that love is simply a chemical reaction, and helps to prove it using Witt’s experiments, where she was able to successfully demonstrate that if the release of oxytocin is blocked in rats and sheep, they reject their own offspring.

Yan Zhang, assistant professor of accounting, was featured in several publications in February, including Health & Medicine Week (Atlanta), Drug Law Weekly (Atlanta) and Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week (Atlanta) for research about epilepsy that was published in the Journal of Banking & Finance.

Jonathan Karp, associate professor of Judaic studies, wrote an article entitled “Jews, Commerce and Controversy,” that was published in The History New Network (Seattle). 

An interview with Daniel Chambers, Binghamton University deputy chief of police, was featured on various news channels throughout upstate New York. Chambers discussed a new program at Binghamton that will reward students, faculty and staff for carpooling to school, in an effort to be more environmentally-friendly.

Katharine Krebs, director of international programs, was quoted in The New York Observer in February in an article about study abroad programs. In the article, she discussed the positive effects that studying abroad can have on students.

David Sloan Wilson, distinguished professor of biological sciences, was quoted in an article in the New York Times and Punch (Nigeria) about Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Wilson was also featured in story on MSNBC and Discover about Darwin’s evolutionary theory being extended to love, war, art and religion.

Sandra Michael, distinguished service professor of biological sciences and director of graduate studies in biology, was quoted in a story in Episcopal News Service (NY) about evolution and faith. Michael said that evolution was always a given in her understanding of the world, despite her Christian faith.

Ralph R. Miller, distinguished professor of psychology, was featured in multiple publications in February, including Pharma Business Weekly (Atlanta), Drug Law Weekly (Atlanta) and Biotech Law Weekly (Atlanta), about research that broadens the understanding of behavior.

Karin Sauer, associate professor of biological sciences, was featured in multiple publications, including Health & Medicine Week (Atlanta), Drug Week (Atlanta) and Fitness & Wellness Week (Atlanta) for research she conducted regarding drug resistance.

Ali Mazrui, director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies, was interviewed by the program Democracy Now! In the interview, he discusses the historic election of President Barack Obama and calls him the “most powerful single black individual in the history of civilization.”

Andrew C. Gallup, researcher in the biological sciences department, was featured in several publications, including Newspost (India), Medical News Today (United Kingdom)  and The Calgary Herald (Canada) for a study suggesting that peer victimization in middle and high schools may be an important indicator of an individuals’ sexual behavior later in life.

H. Stephen Straight, vice provost for undergraduate education and international affairs, was quoted in an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education about the recession and its effects on international students. Straight said he is worried that students from countries with devalued currencies, like Turkey, may not be able to handle the increase in tuition.

Binghamton University was featured in a story in U.S. News & World Report about new college admission letters, after adding flash animation to its e-mail last year.

S.G. Grant, dean of the Graduate School of Education, wrote an article which was published in Education Update (New York) about whether or not all children could be tested to academic success. He says “a one-size-fits-all action like testing seems ill suited to achieve the stated goal.”

Binghamton University’s School of Management was listed as the 48th best undergraduate business school by BusinessWeek. The publication says that the SOM’s real-world preparation is strong, and close proximity to New York City sets the school apart.

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