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Passion for the environment spurs student to succeed

"I want to write books for children and adults that are entertaining and accessible and get research to the public," says Kristen Randall, who has already designed curriculum for second-graders to study environmental issues.
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January 2009

Larry Roma, associate vice president for facilities management, was featured in University Business Magazine regarding fast-track construction plans. In the article, Roma discussed Binghamton University’s construction of a $66 million engineering and science building.

Cheryl Brown, director of admissions, and Elisa G. Pisani, a Binghamton University junior, were featured in a New York Times article regarding the effect the state of the economy has on college students and their choice of school. Pisani transferred to Binghamton from Syracuse University, where her cost of attendance was $47,820, compared with the $7,492 she pays at Binghamton. Brown said this is a big trend lately, and application numbers at Binghamton continue to break school records. 

Shawn Goldsmith, a Binghamton University freshman, was featured in several media outlets in January, including Fox News, NPR and Newsday, for earning all 121 merit badges offered by the Boy Scouts of America. Although only 21 merit badges are needed to become an Eagle Scout, Goldsmith was determined to earn every merit badge in honor of his grandmother.

Ali Mazrui, professor of political science and Africana studies, was featured in VibeGhana (Ghana) and Voice of America (Washington DC) discussing the election of Professor John Evans Atta-Mills as Ghana’s president. Mazrui said that Ghana’s democratic experience should serve as a shining example to all of Africa.

David Sloan Wilson, distinguished professor of biological sciences, was quoted in an article on regarding gossip in the work place. Wilson said, “Employees who gossip may feel they’re not getting a fair shake. So, you have to ask yourself how healthy is your group to start with? If it’s functioning well, gossip is just a way of communicating with each other.” Wilson was also featured in The San Diego Business Journal in January for a program he helped conceive, “The New Humanities Initiative.”

Binghamton University was featured in numerous media outlets in January, including, USA Today and The Today Show, for being number four on the Princeton Review’s “Best Value Public Colleges for 2009” list. Binghamton was also listed as the number one school for our-of-state tuition costs. 

Steven Jay Lynn, professor of psychology, was featured in Scientific American for his research on hypnotism. He and his colleagues show that most highly hypnotizable subjects do not display literalism while hypnotized. 

Monika Mehta, assistant professor of English, Mahua Sarkar, associate professor of sociology and Asian and Asian American studies, and William V. Spanos, distinguished professor of English, were featured in The Daily Star (Lebanon) in January regarding a letter addressed to President-elect Barack Obama. The three were among over 900 academics who signed the letter, which called for the United States to change its policies concerning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  

John McNulty, assistant professor of political science, was featured in several publications in January, including the Washington Bureau (Washington, DC), The Myrtle Beach Sun News (SC) and The Modesto Bee (CA). He was quoted in an article regarding the nation’s youth supporting President Barack Obama. 

Stoyan Bliznakov, postdoctoral associate, was featured in several Atlanta, Ga., publications in January, including Technology Business Journal, Chemical & Chemistry Business, and Journal of Technology and Science for a study he conducted in energy research, which was published in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

Doug Boyce, director of Binghamton University’s Small Business Development Center, was quoted in an article in The Journal News (White Plains, N.Y.) about new businesses struggling in the recession. He said it is a bad idea for businesses to stay away from advertising when times are tough.

Immanuel Wallerstein, distinguished professor emeritus of sociology and former director of the Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems and Civilizations, was featured in an article on the blog Mondoweiss, titled “Several important writers declare that Israel is committing ‘suicide.’” Wallerstein wrote a piece for the Fernand Braudel Center entitled “Chronicle of a Suicide Foretold.”

Ryan Yarosh, assistant director of media relations, was featured in The Periscope (Rome GA) in January in a story about colleges using social networking websites as a marketing device. He said, “It’s a great way to bring people from all over the country - people from all over the world, really - into one common place.”

David Clark, associate professor and chair of political science, was featured in an article in The Legislative Gazette (Albany, N.Y.) regarding President Barack Obama’s inauguration speech in January. He said the speech set a serious tone and compared it to Lincoln’s and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s wartime speeches. 

Daniel Chambers, deputy chief of University Police, was quoted in Alternative Energy Retailer (Oxford, Conn.) about the University’s new solar powered parking meters. “It’s very important that we no longer get rid of nine-volt batteries,” he said.

Herbert Bix, professor of history and sociology and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “Hirohito and The Making of Modern Japan,” was quoted in The Christian Science Monitor (Boston) in January in an article entitled “Japanese dare to ask: Do we really need an emperor?” He said, “They are the picture of unhappiness. They seem to have been denied human rights. You can understand their angst.”

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