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Single mom involved on and off campus

A single mother of a 4½-year-old daughter, Casey VanKuren juggles responsibilities as a Discovery Adviser, founder of the Binghamton Gaming Group, SOS Children’s Shelter volunteer and mentor to a sixth-grader. This fall, add tour guide duties and an elementary school internship. Casey VanKuren, junior, double major in English and human development
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January 2010

Karin Sauer, associate professor of biological sciences, was quoted in Zee News, a news service based in India, on Jan. 2, in an article about new methods to treat chronic infections. According to Sauer, “We hope to use these discoveries to treat infections by interfering with the way biofilms are growing and by reverting biofilms back to a state where they’re more easily treatable.”

Alex Rickard, assistant professor of biological sciences, was quoted in numerous publications including Medical News Today, SIFY and on Jan. 6, in articles about bacteria and improving chronic wound healing. According to Rickard, “Listening in on bacterial conversations could be the solution for improving chronic wound care.”

Leo Wilton, associate professor of human development and Africana studies, was acknowledged in the monthly publication, The Voice, on Jan. 10. Wilton was one of six people nationwide appointed to a four-year term on the Director’s Council of Public Representatives at the National Institutes of Health.

Kaskeset, a Binghamton University a cappella singing group, was featured in the Boston Globe on Jan. 7. Kaskeset, comprised of undergraduates, sings contemporary Jewish songs as well as the instrumental lines to keep up the beat. The Globe wrote, “Its young members bring new energy and creativity to timeless yearnings.”

Mary Muscari, associate professor in the Decker School of Nursing, was interviewed by WICZ on Jan. 11 for her discussion, “Forensic Health – It’s Not Just about Dead People.” According to Muscari, “Forensics is more than death investigations or emergency and correctional health settings, a considerable amount of forensic medicine takes place within primary-care settings.”

Edward Shephard, head of collection development for the University libraries, was interviewed by WICZ-TV on Jan. 12, for his input on digital readers replacing text books. According to Shephard, “For scholarly reading, digital readers are not quite up to snuff yet.”

Peter Knuepfer, associate professor of geological sciences and environmental studies, was a guest speaker on WSKG for a program titled, “A Community Conversation: Climate Change” on Jan. 13. Knuepfer was among local professionals who discussed the topic of climate change.

Alexa Schmidt, registered dietitian with Sodexo Campus Services, was quoted in a Jan. 14 article in The College Times on how to stick to New Year’s resolutions. According to Schmidt, “Eating healthy food isn’t difficult. Nutritious food options can be delicious, and trying new and different dishes can be adventurous and exciting.”

Steven Jay Lynn, professor of psychology and co-author of The Monster in the Cave: How to Face Your Fear and Anxiety and Live Your Life, was quoted in Psychology Today on Jan. 18, in an article about today’s changing societies. According to Lynn, “Escaping to another dimension is normal: Most people spend about half of their time daydreaming.”

Jessica Fridrich, professor of electrical and computer engineering, was featured in on Jan. 21. The article mentioned Fridrich for winning “The Digital Watermarking Alliance Best Paper Award.” According to Fridrich, “This paper is a result of a true international collaboration, and we are thrilled it’s received this honor from the WA”.

Subimal Chatterjee, professor in the School of Management, was mentioned in an article about the success of movie sequels in Bollywod. The article was featured on on Jan. 28. Chatterjee’s research indicates that the quicker a sequel follows a parent film, the better its performance.

David Sloan Wilson, distinguished professor of biological sciences, was quoted in Science Magazine on Jan. 29 in an article about gossip. According to Wilson, “We’re told we’re not supposed to gossip, that our reputation plummets.”
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