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Opera alumnus has passion for singing — and talent to pursue it

The songbird from Brooklyn said an elementary school glee club conductor sparked her singing career when he gave her a classical piece to perform. “That’s when I realized I had a solo voice and really liked singing,” says Sibongile Boyd. “It was just something about the grandeur of it that attracted me. I preferred singing more than listening to instrumental pieces.”
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October 2010

President C. Peter Magrath was quoted in an Oct. 1 University Business article, discussing the transformation of river mill cities into modern college towns. According to Magrath, “Binghamton utilizes education and research to promote economic and social development not just in the Southern Tier [of New York State], but worldwide.”

Wendy L. Wall, associate professor of history, was quoted in several publications including the The Post Star (Glens Falls, N.Y.) and The Record (Troy, N.Y.) in October in an article about Carl Paladino’s campaign for New York governor. According to Wall, “It’s not so much Paladino is like Truman; it’s whether Cuomo is falling into the same position as Dewey”.

Dorel Homentcovschi, a research professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, was mentioned in several Atlanta publications, including Nanotechnology Week, Technology News Focus and the Journal of Technology and Science in October for his research and findings in the area of nanofluids.

Jonathan Krasno, associate professor of political science, was quoted in the Washington, D.C. publication Capital News Connection in October about a Virginia Congressman’s expenses for gourmet chocolates for his campaign donors. According to Krasno, “Since they’re not preoccupied with their own races, House leaders have the freedom ‘to be creative’ with campaign funds that others don’t.”

President C. Peter Magrath was quoted in a WABC-TV broadcast on Oct. 6, discussing concerns about higher education in the election for New York governor. According to Magrath, “I would tell the governor and the state, give us freedom to control our own affairs.”

John Frazier, professor of geography, was quoted in a Press & Sun Bulletin article on Oct. 8, for his involvement with the Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference. According to Frazier, “We’re in a multicultural society and we need to learn to appreciate one another. Our goal is to engage people doing research, people from different countries, people from different regions, and have them talk about their different experiences and about how race is still an issue.”

Rene Conklin, coordinator of the Decker School of Nursing’s Elder Services Center, was quoted in an Oct. 10 Press & Sun Bulletin article discussing the opening of the Decker School’s Memory Clinic. The campus-based clinic, in partnership with Lourdes Hospital, will work with elderly community members. According to Conklin, “He’ll [Dr. Jerome Mikloucich] be working with the nurse practitioner students, both the family nurse practitioners and geriatric nurse practitioners. It’s specifically to give them hands-on experience with geriatric assessments.”

Howard Wang, associate professor of mechanical engineering, was quoted in the Atlanta publication NewsRx Health and Science in October about Binghamton’s Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM) research in the factory production of solar energy cells. According to Wang, “The goal is to apply the next generation of manufacturing to addressing the energy challenge in the way solar cells are produced. We think nanoscale engineering is the key to this new low-cost opportunity for enhancing the solar energy landscape.”

David Sloan Wilson, distinguished professor of biological sciences, was mentioned in an article published by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center for his involvement with the Binghamton Neighborhood Project’s studies on what makes a neighborhood successful.

Steven Tammariello, associate professor of biological sciences, was quoted in an October article in the Kentucky publication The Horse about breeding better thoroughbred horses. According to Tammariello, early DNA sequencing was performed in an effort to “come up with a genetically superior horse.” Now, he said, it has evolved to where “we are interested more in what you want to avoid.”

Bahgat Sammakia, interim vice president for research, was quoted on several Binghamton broadcasts and in Albany and United Kingdom publications in October about the groundbreaking of the new Center of Excellence Building at Binghamton University’s Innovative Technologies Complex. According to Sammakia, “Research is a key driver for innovation and technology development. Our research at the Center of Excellence has always been conducted in strong partnership with industry, and we are fully committed to research that has a broad and transformational impact on the community.”

Jonathan Krasno, associate professor of political science, was quoted in the Las Vegas Sun in an article discussing the $14.3 million Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle raised for her campaign in three months. According to Krasno, “You can never convince a campaign that there’s a diminishing marginal return. Fourteen million is nice, and it’s certainly better than a stick in the eye. But I doubt very much that 14 million is better than 13 million, or 12 million, or 11.”

Kalpesh Desai, associate professor of marketing in the School of Management, was mentioned in over 15 publications around the world, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, in articles discussing credit cards and food purchases. According to Desai and colleagues, “First, there is a correlation between unhealthiness and impulsiveness of food items: Unhealthy food items also tend to elicit impulsive responses. Second, cash payments are psychologically more painful than card payments, and this pain of payment can curb the impulsive responses to buy unhealthy food items.”

Scott Craver, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, was quoted in an October article on the United Kingdom’s, discussing the work of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research’s Young Investigator Research Program. According to Craver, “The YIP program is also significant because it allows program managers to have even more freedom in selecting researchers like AFOSR-supported scientists.”

Raymond Romanczyk, distinguished service professor of psychology and director of the Institute for Child Development, was mentioned in an October article in The New York Post for his endorsement of several tips for raising an intelligent child.

Mary E. Muscari, associate professor of nursing, was mentioned in an October article in New York’s Medscape Today for her response to a reader’s question about coping with cyberbullying.

John McNulty, assistant professor of political science, was quoted in an October Huffington Post article, discussing U.S. Congressman Maurice Hinchey’s re-election and the cost of campaigning. According to McNulty, “TV ads in NY-22 are dirt-cheap.”

Randy Friedman, assistant professor of Judaic studies and philosophy, was quoted in an October article on i-Newswire discussing the new religious studies minor being offered at Binghamton University. According to Friedman, “Thanks to modern-day technology, the distances between countries are not as vast as they once were. But the closer we are being brought together, the greater the need for an appreciation of each other’s cultures and societies.”

Elizabeth Tucker, professor of English, was quoted in an October article in California’s The Record, discussing the real meaning behind childhood nursery rhymes, such as the Lizzie Borden rhyme. According to Tucker, “The rhyme was created by a journalist who wanted to sell more papers, and children liked the rhyme so much that they started singing it while jumping rope.”

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