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"Best of both worlds" for former student-athlete

Some people may be intimidated by the work involved with graduating a year early, playing a sport and being president of the School of Management’s scholar’s program. Brendan McGovern knew that he was up for the challenge.
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April 2011

David Sloan Wilson, distinguished professor of biological sciences, was mentioned by several media outlets including, The Times of India, AllVoices, and on April 27, in articles about a person’s gut feeling. Wilson and colleagues set out to test whether we have the capacity to judge urban neighborhood’s safety just by looking at physical structure.

Justin Garcia, adjunct lecturer in health and wellness studies, was interviewed by MSN on April 26, about how to know if you’re obnoxious, and how to deal with those who are. Garcia said that the key to overcoming obnoxiousness is to, "listen with your eyes, ears and brain, and listen to your social environment." He stressed that we are social animals, and failing to tune into social clues is usually what creates the phenomenon of obnoxiousness. Garcia was also interviewed by other media including The Chicago Sun, regarding less commitment and more ‘hookups’ on campuses.

Ryan Vaughan, adjunct lecturer of English, general literature and rhetoric, was featured on TV Squad on April 22 in an article about the TV series “The Office”. Vaughan shared his opinion on current personalities in the TV series.

Bahgat Sammakia, director of economic development and interim vice president of research, was mentioned on MSNBC and WIVT-TV on April 22 regarding the expansion of Binghamton University research activities. Sammakia says Binghamton has been successful working with area industry and the community on research related to electronics packaging and system integration. A focus now is on expanding more research in the life sciences and healthcare fields, he said.

George Catalano, professor of bioengineering, was interviewed by several media outlets including WIVT-TV and in April regarding engineering ethics, and the Gulf oil spill. In his new book “Tragedy in the Gulf: A call for a New Engineering Ethic,” Catalano wrote, “While the oil spill triggered a personal reflection of my own ethical responsibility in this particular field, the truth of the matter is that it is much greater than just this one industry."

Susannah Gal, associate professor of biological science, was featured in the Ask a Scientist column in the Press & Sun-Bulletin on April 21. Gal responded to an elementary student’s question: How does cancer form?”

Lijun Yin, associate professor of computer science, was interviewed by Advance News magazine on April 20, for an article about research in computer graphics and computer visions that make computer use easier. "Can we find a more comfortable, intuitive and intelligent way to use the computer? It should feel like you're talking to a friend. This could also help disabled people use computers the way everyone else does," Yin asked.

Susan Bane, professor of chemistry, and Susannah Gal, associate professor of biological sciences, were featured in multiple media outlets including,, and Health Canal in April, discussing novel ways of studying cancer, and taking aim at tumors. Bane and Gal are hopeful that their new approach will allow clinicians to treat cancer far more effectively through therapies personalized to an individual's tumor.

M. Stanley Whittingham, professor of chemistry and director of materials science and engineering, was mentioned by News24, South Africa’s premier news source, on April 16, regarding battery-powered futures. Delegates at an international conference discussed ways that batteries can be improved for high-capacity applications such as electric cars. This would have effects in areas like cell phone and laptop battery packs in terms of charging time, weight and capacity.

John McNulty, assistant professor of political science, was mentioned in the April 15 issue of The Christian Science Monitor in an article about the role of technology in politics. “It will be another great leap forward, leveraging the web to reach voters in more and more new ways,” McNulty said.

Susan Terwilliger, clinical associate professor in the Decker School of Nursing, was mentioned by several media outlets including Online Journal on April 11, regarding obesity in children resulting from parents and school decisions. “There is a lot of data that say today’s kids won’t live as long as their parents,” she said.

Yu David Liu, assistant professor of computer science, was recognized in on April 1, after being awarded a five-year $448,641 grant from the National Science Foundation for his ideas on how to make technology more efficient. In addition, Liu received $50,000 from Google for a related research project.

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