Off Campus College (OCC) has information to help you make the most of living off-campus. OCC serves as a resource for both students who currently live off-campus, as well as those who are thinking off moving off-campus. Preventive measures such as being familiar with your lease, municipal policies, state laws, zoning, etc., will help you enjoy a trouble-free year off-campus.

OCC offers many services including free legal clinics, information on transportation, computerized housing lists, lease review, and comprehensive advising on housing issues by staff members and peer student advisors. Our office is located in University Union West, Room 204. For more information stop in, call 777-2768 or visit the OCC website.

While OCC does not make living arrangements for off-campus students, we do provide students with information on what is available. Students will then need to contact the landlords (or other students if searching for potential housemates) directly. For your convenience, and at your request, we will review your lease prior to you signing with a landlord free of charge.

Our student organization (OCC Council) maintains "Student Opinions of Landlords", which are a collection of documents from students and former students and their experiences with various landlords in the community. These documents can only be viewed in the OCC office and the information within cannot be sent via fax, e-mail, or telephone. When possible, we do encourage you to view these documents prior to signing a lease.

Area Housing

OCC maintains two databases of interest to students looking for off-campus housing in the Binghamton area. The OCC Housing List and the OCC Housemate / Subletter List are provided to students as a service by the OCC Office. There are also several apartment complexes in the area. University employees to do not inspect, approve, or supervise the premises described, nor does the University become party to housemate/subletter/landlord/tenant matters.

Renters Insurance

While OCC does not recommend any one insurance company to deal with, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that students living off campus obtain renters insurance.  Renters insurance will cover a loss of property in case of fire, flood, theft, etc.  Contact any insurance company to obtain this valuable resource.

Additional Housing

Additional housing is also available through local Apartment Complexes.

Forms and Information

OCC has plenty of information to assist you as you prepare to move off campus. We can also help you if you already live off campus and have questions. Check out our forms and information page to answer any questions you might have or stop by our office in UUW-204.

Last Updated: 10/20/15