Meet the Mentors! 

The LCM program is a brand new program designed to aid local students in having a successful transition to Binghamton University. Each incoming local freshman/transfer student will be paired with one of the mentors below who will be available to answer questions, show you around campus, act as a friendly face, and serve as a resource for you as a new student! 

Each LCM has office hours in the Local Student Lounge (UUW-209) each week. Stop by anytime, and let them know if you need anything!  

Julia   Julia Maczko

   High School attended: Vestal High School
   Year: Sophomore
   Major: Economics


I wanted to be a part of the mentoring program because I wanted to make the adjustment for local students easier.

Office hours: T 10-11am, W 11-12pm



   Kat Kunkel 

   High School attended: Chenango Valley                                                        Year: Sophomore

   Major: Psychology


 I wanted to be part of the Local Commuter Mentor program because I think it is a great way for    local students to  form lasting connections and friendships and it allows them to be part of an    established community of people, the same way that living in a dorm connects students to each other.

 Office hours: R 1:30-3:30pm

Emily   Emily Wilson      

   High School attended: Homeschooled                                                            Year: Sophomore                                                                                                   Major: Integrative Neuroscience 


 I wanted to be a part of the new student support system at BU to give new local commuters someone to talk to and get advice from who has already been in their shoes... something I lacked during my first year. I also want to help new local commuters adjust to the new difficulty of college-level work and help them realize that living at home while in college and be  a great experience.  

Office hours: M 4:15-5:15pm, W 1:45-2:45pm                                                                                    

Jordan   Jordan Clifford

   High School attended: Susquehanna Valley 
   Year: Senior 
   Major: Political Science


I wanted to be a part of the LCM program to help students integrate into the university community smoothly and quickly.

Office hours: MW 2:30-3:30pm


Amy   Amy Merke

   High School attended: Seton Catholic Central                                              Year: Junior                                                                

    Major: Sociology, Minor: Africana Studies


 I want to help every student out there who is willing to seek help. I also want to work with them to better their environment and to excel in school with no worries that might have a toll on their potential in excelling in school.

  Office hours: M 11am-1pm


Monique   Monique Saastamoinen

   High School attended: Binghamton High School                                          Year: Senior (transferred from BCC '12)                                                           Major: English

   There are certain benefits and challenges to being a local commuter, and I want to help illuminate those benefits and assist with those challenges by sharing my experiences and cementing myself as the first stepping stone to a pathway of new friends from all over the world.

Office hours: W 4-6pm


  Conor  Conor Murphy

    High School attended: Binghamton High School                                         Year: Senior (Graduated from BCC with an Associate's Degree in Communication)                      

    Major: History

As a local and 'non-traditional' student, I think I could share some of my experiences with other local students.

 Office hours: F 12-2pm

Are you from the local area and commute to campus?                                     *Have questions or suggestions for the Local Commuter program?*    Contact: Kimberly Coleman at


Last Updated: 8/13/14