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Meet Our Mentors

The Local Commuter Mentor Program (LCM) program is a brand new program designed to aid local students in having a successful transition to Binghamton University. Each incoming local freshman/transfer student will be paired with one of the mentors below who will be available to answer questions, show you around campus, act as a friendly face, and serve as a resource for you as a new student!

Each LCM has office hours in the Local Student Lounge (UUW-209) each week. Stop by anytime, and let them know if you need anything!


Victoria Cooper

 Image of Victoria-Cooper

High School Attended: Vestal Senior High School

Current Class Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

Why She is a mentor: "I wanted to be a mentor so I could help ensure that every local commuter student feels that they are part of a community, even though they do not live on campus. I wanted to help others know that there are other students in the same boat and they never have to go through any aspect of college alone."

Office hours: Monday and Tuesday 12pm-1pm


 Rajen Kothandapany

 Image of Rajen Kothandapany

High School Attended: Binghamton High School

Current Class Year: Senior

Major: Philosophy-Politics-Law (PPL) & Philosophy

Why He is a mentor: "I have been a mentor for several years now and I feel I have the personality to go along with the job... I am good at making connections with people."

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 3pm-4pm


 Grant Lindhorst

 Image of Grant Lindhorst

High School Attended: Owego Free Academy

Current Class Year: Junior

Major: Physics and Computer Science

Why He is a mentor: "I wanted to be a mentor because I understand the difficulties with switching majors in different colleges within BU, like trying to switch from Harpur to Watson, and I would like to help students that are in the same boat get in contact with the right people or send them in the right direction."

Office Hours: Monday 3:30pm-4:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday 11:45am-1pm


 Emily Markham

 Image of Emily Markham

High School Attended: Chenango Forks High School

Current Class Year: Senior

Major: Human Development

Why She is a mentor: "To help local students get involved on campus and help them know what Binghamton has to offer!"

Office Hours: Monday 12pm-2pm


 Dominick Ponzi

 Image of Dominick Ponzi

High School Attended: Union-Endicott High School

Current Class Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Why He is a mentor: "I wanted to be a mentor because it was a chance to have an input in the local commuter program, and so I could feel like I'm part of something at the University. Many local commuters come just for class and leave, never getting involved."

Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 12pm-1pm


 Alyson Tosh

 Image of Alyson Tosh

High School Attended: Union-Endicott high School

Current Class Year: Senior

Major: Marketing

Why She is a mentor: "I wanted to become a mentor because I want to help others in the transition from the high school to college lifestyle as it is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do!"

Office Hours: Wednesday 3:30pm-4:30, Thursday 12-1


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