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Campus Internationalization

Binghamton University has made a strategic commitment to enable students to explore and appreciate the global and international dimensions of knowledge and of cultures. Our faculty conduct research which is recognized around the world and have created courses and academic programs with international dimensions in many fields. The University's efforts to foster a community of scholars and students who celebrate the diversity of its members and learn from each other have earned us wide acclaim, notably through several major national awards for our campus- wide internationalization. The links on this page will lead you through many of our accomplishments and to the on-going work to strengthen international education.

Each year, Binghamton University celebrates International Education Week and highlights the accomplishments of its comprehensive approach to internationalization.

21st Century United States International Education Imperatives

A presentation by H. Stephen Straight, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and International Affairs; originally presented on November 19, 2008 at Binghamton University.  View the presentation.

Also during a past International Education Week in 2007, Professor Don Boros captivated the attendees with his moving remarks on international education. Some of his comments include:

"International education changes people’s lives. It’s obvious that it opens their eyes to other cultures and other ways to view the world. It no longer makes them feel like New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians, or New Jerseyites. It makes them citizens of the earth. But, as importantly, international education also makes people view themselves differently. They realize that they are a part of something much more complex and rich than they ever before imagined. It places their work and thought in different contexts and forces reexamination of countless things they had previously taken for granted. They crack open a shell that had been enclosing them—and in some cases protecting them—since birth, and, in doing so, they become thrilled by the challenge of confronting and then experiencing the unknown. In the process, they discover they have personal qualities never before imagined. They note that they have more courage, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, strength, curiosity, and tenacity than they originally conceived. They become aware of their previous isolation—even hermeticism—as they marvel at the diversity and incredible range of thought and behavior in the world, while, at the same time, acknowledging that they are an important member of a truly astonishing global family. They see and study profound differences while being exhilarated and stimulated by commonalities previously impossible to comprehend. It is wonderful and deeply gratifying to be a part of helping people undergo these transformations. It has given me some of the most satisfying moments of my life."

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