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Welcome to the home page for the Dual-Diploma Programs between Binghamton University and our Turkish University partners. In 2003, Binghamton University partnered with four Turkish universities to implement undergraduate Dual-Diploma programs. Turkish undergraduate students with majors in Global and International Affairs, Information Systems Engineering, and Business Administration complete half of their degree requirements in Turkey and half of their degree requirements at Binghamton University. These innovative, undergraduate bachelor degree programs prepare students with high-level substantive knowledge and analytical skills for careers requiring global perspectives. Participants receive both a Turkish and an American diploma from two well-established universities.

Our Turkish Partners


Global and International Relations offered through:

Information Systems Engineering  offered through:

Business Administration offered through:

The Program:

What is a Dual-Diploma Program?
A dual-diploma program is an undergraduate program in which students spend half of their education at Binghamton University, a campus of the State University of New York (SUNY) and half at a Turkish university.

Program Features

Program History 

Pattern of Study
Each program is designed to fit the needs of the specific academic field, so there are various patterns of study.  Typically, students spend years 1 and 3 at the Turkish institution and years 2 and 4 at Binghamton University.  Students completing programs with year 4 in the United States may be eligible for optional practical training (OPT) for up to 12 months.  Students requiring English preparation upon admission spend one year studying intensive English in a Turkish university before beginning the regular coursework.  

The Application: Apply for the Dual-Diploma Program

Application and Admission For Turkish Students
Turkish students are placed into the dual-diploma programs according to placement score (Y-ÖSS) from the national university entrance exam (ÖSS), which is held annually in June.  The placement score is a combination of the student’s high school GPA and exam score in the relevant subject category.  Students are placed into these programs by the national Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) as below:

1. Students complete the university entrance exam (ÖSS).
2. ÖSYM calculates the placement scores and distributes the results to students.
3. Based on the placement scores, students submit to ÖSYM a list of 24 preferred higher education programs.  When considering a program, students also refer to the published minimum scores for the previous year.
4. ÖSYM utilizes the placement scores and students’ preferences to place students into higher education programs.  To be enrolled, students must register at the relevant Turkish university during the announced registration period.
In addition, to be eligible for placement in a dual-diploma program, a student must have a score of at least 210 in the relevant subject category and a minimum placement score (Y-ÖSS) of 250.

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