Housing Information

New exchange students generally move into the residence halls before the start of the exchange student and international student orientations which are always held the week before classes begin.  If you will be living on campus and must arrive in Binghamton before then, it may be possible to move into your campus housing early. You must notify us at least three weeks before arrival if you plan to arrive before the accommodations officially open. If early campus housing is not available, you may need to make arrangements for temporary housing in a local motel until the residence halls open. If this is the case, you will need to make a motel reservation as early as possible before your planned arrival as motels tend to fill up quickly. A list of nearby motels, including links to the individual motel web sites, can be found here.

If you prefer to live off campus, you should plan to arrive several days before the beginning of International Student Orientation in order to find housing. Please note that graduate students are not eligible for on-campus housing, so they will need to find housing off campus. For a list of currently available apartments and rooms in private homes, check the Off-Campus College page. Also included on the OCC web site are sample rental contracts and other informational forms and brochures.

Last Updated: 9/15/14