The University of Graz  was founded in 1587. It is home to six Nobel Laureates and such distinguished scholars as Alfred Wegner, creator of the theory of continental drift, the university is proud of its academic tradition and its responsiveness to issues of the contemporary world. There are some 30,000 students in six faculties: Humanities, Economics and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Law, Catholic Theology. Binghamton University is proud to have a long-standing relationship with the University of Graz, and currently offers two separate tracks for students based on their training with the German language. Intermediate German language students can develop their fluency effectively with the "German and Austrian Studies" track; the "European Studies with Coursework in English" track is intended for students with an introductory level of German language training who wish to also further studies within their major or interests.

The university's academic year begins with the fall semester pre-session in early September. The fall term (Wintersemester) classes normally begin in the first week of October and exams are completed in late January. Students participating in the fall semester only may make arrangements to complete exams early so they may return to their American university in time for the spring semester. The spring term (Sommersemester) pre-session begins in early February. Courses begin the first week of March, and exams conclude in early July. Regardless of program choice, students are expected to complete a full-time course load equivalent of at least 12 credits.

German and Austrian Studies:

Students who have completed two years (four semesters) of university-level German or the equivalent are encouraged to participate in the "German and Austrian Studies" track. Applications are accepted for the fall semester or for an academic year. We welcome applications from both SUNY and non-SUNY students in any major.

Academic and general program advising is provided by Professor Rosmarie Morewedge, of the Binghamton University German and Russian Studies Department. In the fall semester, the program is organized around a modular core curriculum taught in German by Graz faculty members expressly for students on the program:
German Language Pre-Session - 4 credits
German Language, intermediate or advanced level - 4 credits
German Literature, 19th & 20th Centuries - 2 credits
Austrian History Within the European Context - 2 credits
International Relations - 2 credits
Interculturality, Society and Education - 2 credits

Access to regular university courses is permitted during the fall semester for those with a high language proficiency. Students are encouraged to attend university lectures as part of the development of their German language skills and their experience of the university itself.

Students who participate in the program for the full academic year (strongly encouraged) then choose from a wide array of regular university courses with German instruction for spring semester: American studies, art history, astronomy, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, classical archaeology, classics, economics, European ethnology, geography, geology and paleontology, German language and literature, history, management studies, mathematics, musicology, linguistics, philosophy, physics, psychology, Romance languages and literatures, Slavic languages and literatures, sociology, translation and interpreting, and zoology. Students in the sciences will need to have a strong background for university courses. Access to laboratory classes may be restricted.

European Studies with Coursework in English:

Students with a beginner's level of German (from either high school instruction or university level courses) are invited to apply for the "European Studies with Coursework in English" track. Applications may be submitted for the fall term, spring term, or academic year. We welcome applications from both SUNY and non-SUNY students, and advising is provided to confirm if the English-instruction courses offered will support a student's major. Prior to departure, academic advising is provided by the program advisor in the Office of International Programs.

Students on the European Studies track are required to participate in the pre-session German-language intensive course prior to each semester. They will continue to advance their German-language abilities in speaking, writing and translation with two language-based courses during the semester:

German Language Pre-Session - 4 credits
German Language courses (2), beginner or intermediate level- 4 credits

The University of Graz then offers coursework that may compliment degree progress for students with a major in English, Linguistics, Political Science, Politics Philosophy and Law (PPL), and Economics. Students can review the current year's offerings of courses with English instruction online. Courses for the upcoming academic year are published by late June. Participants attending the fall semester will work with the Binghamton University Office of International Programs for course advising over the summer break, after they have been accepted to the program. Students applying for the spring semester can receive advising during the application process.

Last Updated: 6/18/15