French Language and Liberal Arts at the Sorbonne

Established in 1969, the French Language and Liberal Arts Program in Paris is the oldest undergraduate study abroad program in France in the SUNY system. The program provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop a high level of proficiency in the French language and to study French culture, art, politics, and history in the midst of a rich array of cultural resources that have drawn students to Paris for centuries. The program is co-sponsored by Binghamton University and SUNY Oswego, who acts as the administrative campus for the program.

The original University of Paris was founded in 1170 and is generally acknowledged to be the second oldest university in Europe. Around 1257, Robert de Sorbon established a college for theological studies known as the Sorbonne. In 1970, the University of Paris was divided up into thirteen separate institutions. Students enrolled in the Paris Program will take most of their courses in French culture, history, politics, and literature at Paris IV, which is housed within the old Sorbonne buildings in Paris' Latin Quarter. The Latin Quarter, so-named because Latin was once the official language of scholars, remains popular with French and foreign students, with many interesting sites to explore in the immediate vicinity. Students meet and walk along the Boulevard St. Michel, watch street entertainers around Place St. Michel, and read while sipping drinks at the cafés of the Place de la Sorbonne.

Paris is the cultural, political, and economic hub of France and an equally important center for all of Europe. Its position at the crossroads of northern and southern Europe and the recent influx of immigrants from Africa and Asia make it a truly multicultural city. Moreover, inexpensive, reliable and safe rail, road, and air travel systems put Paris within just a few hours' reach of all the Western European countries. For generations of travelers, it has symbolized the epitome of European culture, history, cuisine, and fashion. An efficient system of public transportation makes the entire city available to visitors, and study abroad students can easily explore the city's multitude of cultural, academic, and culinary offerings.


Fall semester runs from late September to the middle of January (early return is possible). Spring semester runs from late January to late May.

Last Updated: 8/21/14