French Language & Liberal Arts at the Sorbonne:
Academic Features


All classes are taught in French, yet are intended specifically for international students. The courses are designed to meet the specific needs of international students who wish to follow a course of study in French culture and civilization.

Upon arrival, students begin a ten-day intensive French review taught by the program director. At the end of this review, students take the Sorbonne placement test to determine their level and placement in language classes for the semester.

Standard Program: Students in the standard program will take:
- 9 credits = French Language course at their appropriate level.
- 3 credits = Director's course
- 4 credits = Two conférences (worth 2 credits each)
Total: 16 credits

Internship Option: Students choosing the internship will take:
- 6 credits = French Language course at their appropriate level.
- 3 credits = Director's course
- 6 credits = 8-week internship placement
Total: 15 credits

French Language Courses (10 hours per week)

Program Director's Course (meets 2 times per week): past examples are "Paris, France and Europe in the 19th century" a course on Political Evolution and History & Art and Literature or "Contemporary France in Europe and in the World" a course on history, politics, economy, international relations and art.

Conférences: examples include ~ French Art; French History and Territory; Aspects of Contemporary French Politics and Economics; French Media; French Literature and Society in French Cinema; French Literature and Civilization: 17th Century and 18th Century; Children's Literature; History of Paris; Painting in Paris; Economic and Social Aspects of Contemporary France; French Society and Literature; Sorbonne dans la Ville; Comparative Literature; Francophone Literature; Music and Poetry in France; 19th-20th Century French Literature; French Gastronomy and French Regions; French History from 19th to Present

**Additional Option for High Intermediate and Advanced students**
Business French (Sorbonne/Chambre de Commerce de Paris)
This course covers the main aspects of French business language, commercial office work and correspondence, commercial French, the language of company management, the language of international relations. The course runs for 12 weeks, with six hours of practical language (6 credits) and four hours of business French (4 credits of FRE 399 Business French) plus 10 hours of phonetics per month. There will be two final examinations: the Practical Language Exam and the Business French Exam. (Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris)

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