French Language & Liberal Arts at the Sorbonne:
Student Life


Students may choose to live in an international residence hall (foyer), stay with a host family, or to find their own housing in the city. Students who select the foyer option will be assigned to one of four different residence halls that are either within walking distance of their classes or conveniently located near metro lines.

Whenever possible, study abroad students will room with a French or French-speaking student. It has been found through the years that living in foyers allows students greater flexibility in planning their meals and in pursuing their own interests outside the classroom. It also provides the opportunity to meet French students or French-speaking students from other countries.

For further information about the housing options and agreements, please visit the SUNY Oswego Sorbonne Program Webpage.

Over the years, the resident director of the program has encouraged program participants to create a page to add to the program scrapbook.  Over the years, the scrapbook has become an invaluable resource to each new group of students since it provides tips, advice, useful websites, ideas for things to see and do and recommendatios for places to visit in and out of Paris.  View some sample pages from the scrapbook here: please note, this is a large file and may take a moment to open.


Fall semester runs from late September to the middle of January (early return is possible). Spring semester runs from late January to late May.


Last Updated: 8/21/14