Murdoch University Academic Features:

Murdoch University was established as a government-funded university in 1973. Since that time, it has earned an outstanding reputation for excellence in research and teaching. The University boasts one of the most qualified academic staffs in the country and is especially known for excellence in the fields of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Asian Studies, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Communication Studies.

Murdoch is also home to a number of major national research centers including the A.J. Parker Co-operative Research Center in Hydro-metallurgy, the Asia Research Center, and the State Agricultural Biotechnology Center. The university offers a broad range of innovative and interdisciplinary courses and places great emphasis on self-directed study outside the classroom

Students can choose from over 400 courses, provided they meet all pre-requisites. Some of Murdoch's more unique course offerings include Aboriginal Studies, Development Studies, "Animal and Plant Recognition" (which introduces students to major groups of animals and plants found in Southwest Australia), and a number of courses in Australian Studies, including "Australia and its Asian Context." Courses in Environmental Science often involve field work and field trips to study the Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Plateau as well as other locations along Australia's western coast and in the famous "outback". Students may also take classes in the following subject areas: Asian studies, Biological Sciences, Arts, Biotechnology, Business Management (Commerce), Communication and Media Studies, Computer Science, Economics, English and Comparative Literature, History, Law, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Marine Science, Psychology, Social Sciences, Education, Veterinary Studies, and Women's Studies.

Students may wish to consult the Murdoch University handbook for detailed course information or the Murdoch University Course Guide, providing descriptions of majors and departments.

FUN FACT!: In Australia, "course" means "major", and "unit" means "class".

Last Updated: 8/21/14