Bath University Study Abroad and Exchange: Academic Features

The University of Bath offers programs available to study abroad and exchange students in Biology and Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Physics, Economics and International Development, European Studies and Modern Languages, Psychology, and Social and Policy Sciences.

Courses within Bath’s divisions of Mathematical Sciences and Economics and International Development would be suitable for Economics majors, while courses from European Studies and International Development would fit in well with programs in Political Science. Students interested in Sociology or Social Policy would find many interesting course options within the division of Social and Policy Sciences. In addition, students majoring in math or science could build a semester or year at Bath right into their major programs.

Students considering this program should look at the programme and unit catalogue. To view a list of courses, select the current year's catalogue, select a department and then click on "index of units" to see a list of courses currently offered in the department.  And don't forget to look at the courses offered specifically for visiting students: on the main catalogue page there is a link on the right to "units for visiting students."

In Britain students work on their degrees in much more concentrated fashion without the general education components of American education. Binghamton students who are juniors or seniors will discover that some of the courses that are best matches with the courses they still need, may be second or even first year courses.

Below are a few sample courses:
British Politics    
European Politics    
Behavior in Organizations
Human Resource Mgmt.    
Operations Management
European Economic History    
European Integration
Politics and Economics of the European Union
Sociology of Industrial Societies    
European Economic History
Intellectual Commitment and Identity in Contemporary Europe    
Social Policy and the Welfare State
European Film    
Economic and Political Psychology    
Understanding Industrial Behavior

A full course load at Bath is to be equivalent to a full load of Binghamton credit. Binghamton students can expect to take 4 or 5 courses and earn 15 to 18 Binghamton credits.

Last Updated: 8/21/14