Bath University Study Abroad and Exchange: Costs

To learn about the program costs and related expenses, see the cost sheets linked below. There currently ARE exchange positions available at Bath. Exchange positions significantly lower the cost of the program because they eliminate the need to pay the tuition differential; you will only be required to pay Binghamton University tuition.

Estimate of Cost Sheet University of Bath - Exchange Program

Estimate of Cost Sheet University of Bath - Study Abroad Program

Here are some helpful website on the University of Bath website to help you further understand the cost estimates:

Living Costs Estimates

Accommodation Cost Information 

Federal and New York State financial aid is generally applicable to study abroad programs. The Binghamton Office of Financial Aid Services is able to consider only the applications of students matriculated at Binghamton for degree study. Other SUNY and non-SUNY students should contact the financial aid office on the home campus for information about eligibility for all aid programs.

Last Updated: 8/21/14