Bath University Study Abroad and Exchange

The University of Bath is home to a Binghamton exchange and study abroad program that features math, science and social Science disciplines. Binghamton students are fully integrated into the university, taking courses with British and European students. They live in residence halls off-campus and can participate in any university activities they choose.

With less than 9000 undergraduate students, the Bath campus is both accessible and friendly. The smaller size of the university allows for a more intimate interaction with British and other international students. The beautifully landscaped campus is centered around "the Parade," a wide, elevated walkway framed by the library, student union and other important university buildings. A ten minute bus ride takes students down the hill into downtown Bath.

Founded in 1966, Bath is one of the United Kingdom's most highly rated universities and the research conducted on-campus is internationally recognized. The University's close ties with industry and the excellent quality of teaching draw students from all over the world-about 25% of the University student population comes from outside the United Kingdom.


Bath is an architecturally exquisite English city, one and a half hours west of London. First explored by the Romans who were attracted to the hot spa baths, Bath became an elegant resort city in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Today it is a cosmopolitan, small city with a rich cultural life. Students will find a variety of boutiques, antiques and cafes in the lively shopping district. Bath Abbey, and the baths themselves, are among the many popular attractions. There is also a lively cultural scene offering theatrical performances, films and concerts. The city's several lovely parks provide gathering places at which to unwind, play a game of football, sunbathe, or stroll. Bath is surrounded by beautiful countryside with the famous Cotswolds to the north. The coasts at Weston Super-Mare or South Wales are within easy reach as well.


Fall semester is from the end of September until mid-January. Spring semester begins at the end of January and runs until the end of May. In the fall, there is a break over the winter holidays. In the spring, there is a three-week long spring break in March-April. Refer to the University of Bath's academic calendar for a more detailed schedule.

Last Updated: 8/21/14