Botswana Summer Study Program: Student Life

The on-site portion of the program will program will include many activities that will create an academically and culturally enriching experience for students. The program will include field trips and site visits to various locations in Botswana and South Africa. These will include going on safari, and visiting the the Moremi Game Reserve, the sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert, and the Tropic of Capricorn. Students should anticipate doing considerable amounts of walking while visiting areas within and outside of Gaborone, and must bring appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes. (These preparations will be discussed further during your pre-departure orientation).
Students will also participate in activities at the University of Botswana campus and have the opportunity to get to know students who attend this institution. Absorbing the sites and culture of one of the most vibrant regions in Africa will provide a memorable experience.

Arrival and Living Arrangements

Students will take a flight from a New York City airport to Johannesburg, South Africa. From South Africa, ground transportation will take students to Botswana. Students will live in dormitories at the University of Botswana. Students have individual bedrooms, but live in shared suites with a shared living area and shared bathroom. Upon arrival, University of Botswana staff will provide students with an orientation that will inform students of important information regarding the cam-pus and the surrounding area. Students will be provided important information about safety and learn about safety procedures. The University of Botswana proves 24/7 support for students through their campus security.

Last Updated: 8/21/14