University of Edinburgh: Study Abroad & Exchange
Academic Features

The University of Edinburgh was founded over 400 years ago under a charter granted by King James VI. Among many well-known figures ssociated with the university have been David Hume, Charles Darwin, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and John Witherspoon, a signatory to the American Declaration of Independence. The Scottish tradition of higher education is somewhat less specialized than its European counterparts, combining breadth with depth and theory with practicality. The library is one of the largest and most important academic libraries in the world.

The University of Edinburgh enrolls some 20,000 students with many coming from other parts of the United Kingdom. There are currently about 3,600 international students from over 120 countries. The student Union sponsors about 150 clubs and societies, which visiting students are welcome to join.

Upon arrival in Edinburgh, each participant is assigned a Director of Studies who provides information and advice on the courses available and approves the student’s final course selection. Students are admitted into the faculty of their major and are expected to take a majority of their courses in that major. Program participants may take courses in the following areas:
Biological Sciences
Computer Science    
Social History
History of Art
Science and Society
Social Anthropology    
Social Policy
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
English Language and Literature
Celtic and Scottish Studies

In addition to the courses listed above, the University of Edinburgh offers unique courses in Celtic, Scottish Culture and Scottish History. Full course lists and course descriptions for courses available to study abroad and exchange students can be found on Edinburgh's web site.

Note: Some courses may be open only to yearlong participants, particularly in the areas of earth science; geology and geophysics; engineering; and law.

Students in the sciences and engineering are advised to consult with their advisors about the courses available at Edinburgh to determine whether the sequencing of material could cause credit recognition difficulties or a delay in graduation. Edinburgh allows exchange students to do only one third of the course load in these fields.

Credits: Students will earn from 24 to 32 Binghamton University credits for a full year of coursework at Edinburgh. Fall-only students can receive 12 credits. Spring-only students will earn from 12 to 18 credits. Approval of credit toward the degree is the responsibility of the home campus.

Credit towards the requirements of a major or minor is evaluated by the relevant department. Students are urged to discuss their intention to participate on the Edinburgh program with all appropriate academic advisors and to seek pre-approvals and an understanding of study abroad credit policies at their home campus.

Last Updated: 8/21/14