Chinese Business Language & Culture
at Fudan University: Academic Features

Fudan University, one of the top universities in China, is comprised of seventeen colleges, offering numerous undergraduate degrees, 209 Master’s degrees, and 157 doctoral degrees.  Binghamton University students who participate in the Chinese Business Language and Culture at Fudan University Program will have access to some of the best Chinese language instruction available in China, for Fudan University is home to the International Cultural Exchange School (ICES), with an established reputation as one of China’s premier programs for learning Chinese as a second language.  Each year, approximately 1,300 students from countries around the globe attend ICES, which is renowned for its experienced instructors and sound pedagogical practices. 

Chinese Business Culture

Students will take four units of business Chinese and business culture at Fudan, which will count collectively as one Binghamton course.  The average grades of these four units will constitute the grade for CHIN 351.   The Chinese Business Culture coursework is designed for students who have taken at least two years of Chinese.  The four units vary slightly each summer, but past units have included:

The Culture of Contemporary Metropolitans
Hot Spots in the Chinese Economy
Sunzi’s Art of War and Business Strategies
Business Case Studies

Internship: Business Theory and Practice

In addition to the Chinse Business Culture coursework, students will spend each Friday gaining hands-on experience at off-campus companies and government organizations located in the greater Shanghai metropolitan area. Students will spend half of each Thursday’s on-campus class time structured planning for these activities.

Student will receive 8 credits upon completion of the program: 4 credits for Chinese Business Culture coursework (CHIN 351) and 4 credits  for the Internship (CHIN 395).  Credits can be used toward fulfillment of the Chinese Major/Minor.

Last Updated: 8/21/14