Kokugakuin University Exchange Program: Academic Features

With a 130 year history, Kokugakuin University is one of Japan's best known private universities. The University enrolls approximately 10,500 students who study in many disciplines including history, philosophy, economics, business, regional studies, Japanese and Chinese literature, foreign languages and cultures, Shinto studies, law, elementary education, child studies, and health and physical education. The modern, newly renovated campus is located just 15 minutes' walk form Tokyo's Shibuya Station, center of today's Japanese youth culture.

Kokugakuin offers a special program for exchange students named K-STEP (Kokugakuin Short-Term Exchange Program). The objective of this program is for students to develop Japanese language skills while also receiving an enhanced introduction to Japanese culture in a university setting.

All students will take the intensive Basic Japanese Language course. This course is appropriate for advanced beginners and intermediate Japanese language students. Students will also select courses on Japanese culture. Some of these are taught in Japanese (J courses) at a level language learners can follow; others are taught in English (E courses) and include Japanese students in the classroom. Courses offered are:

Fall semester

Basic Japanese Language J
Japanese Religion and Culture E
History of Modern Japan E
Introduction to Japanese Culture and Society E
Japanese Law and Politics E
Japanese Economy a nd Society E
Japanese Literature E
Understanding Japanese Culture J
Sports Science and Traditional Sport in Japan J

Spring Semester

Advanced Basic Japanese Language J
Introduction to Japanese Religion II E
History of Modern Japan E
Introduction to Japanese Culture and Society II E
Environmental Awareness and Policy in Japan E
View on International Exchange through Japanese J
Japanese Literature E
Understanding of Japanese Culture II J
Sports Science and Traditional Sports in Japan II J

The Binghamton faculty advisors for this program are in the Department of Asian and Asian American studies. They are Professor Rumiko Sode (LSG 671, rsode@binghamton.edu) and Professor Roberta Stippoli (LSG 668, rstrippo@binghamton.edu)

Last Updated: 8/21/14