Kokugakuin University Exchange Program

The cosmopolitan city of Tokyo is the location of Binghamton University's international exchange program in Japan where students can study Japanese language intensively and select from a menu of courses about Japanese culture taught in English. Kokugakuin University, noted for excellence in the humanities, is host to the program; students live near campus in off-campus private dormitories arranged by the university and participate fully in campus life. The program is open to students in any major and because it is an exchange program, is an affordable option for study in Japan.


With the largest metropolitan area in the world, Tokyo, ancient traditions are alive in this modern metropolis. It is the center of government, home to the Japanese imperial family, a world center of business and finance, and the heart of Japan's' contemporary culture. Students will enjoy exploring this city with its ancient shrines and temples, modern skyscrapers, green spaces, museums, and wide array of performance venues and shopping districts. Tokyo is also an educational center for Japan, the home of many of the country's best universities. An excellent public transportation system makes exploring this city easy. From Tokyo, travel to other parts of Japan and East Asia can be readily arranged.


Fall semester takes place from September to February, with permission given for students to return to the United States in time for spring semester. Spring semester takes place from April to August. Full academic year participation is strongly encouraged.

Last Updated: 8/21/14