Philanthropy and Civil Society in the US and Turkey Program: Academic Features

The program will begin with a five-week seminar called Philanthropy and Civil Society: A Comparative View taught by Binghamton University Professor, David Campbell. The class will include both Turkish and American students (and possibly students from other parts of Europe). In the course, students will learn about the different roles philanthropy plays in the US and Turkey as well as the size, scope and nature of the non-governmental sector in both countries. Class sessions will include meetings with representatives of philanthropic and non-governmental organizations from Istanbul, as well as Skype calls with US-based philanthropic and nonprofit organizations

Following the seminar, students will participate in a two to week service learning experience. American and Turkish students will visit, learn about and volunteer at a cross-section of Istanbul-based non-governmental organizations. Students will use that experience, in combination with what they learned in class to make grants, up to $10,000, to local organizations. Over the course of the summer program, students will design a process for making grant decisions, including, students' core values, learning about the local community and organizations, and criteria for deciding which organizations to support.

The Binghamton University study abroad program is part of the Koc University Global Summer Academy. Turkish and international students taking courses on campus. Program participants will be welcome to join in campus social and co-curricular activities. Students may also be able to take another course while they are at Koç. Because the program is part of a the Koç summer session, the tuition is by credit just as it would be at Binghamton, so for a second course there will be an extra tuition beyond the regular program costs.

The program will also include excursions into Istanbul and at least one weekend trip to another region of Turkey.


Professor David Campbell, who will lead this program, founded BU's Philanthropy Incubator. Since 2008, the program has provided BU students with the opportunity for a "hands-on" experience as philanthropists, using course work to make grants to local nonprofit organizations. Over the past five years, BU students have given away nearly $100,000 to local nonprofit organizations.


The course Philanthropy and Civil Society in the US and Turkey will be worth 5 credits. The service learning component which follows the courses also is worth 3 credits. If a student enrolls in an additional course of the Global Summer Academy, the courses will be worth 3 credits. Students should discuss their intention to participate with all appropriate academic advisors and obtain pre-approvals and an understanding of study abroad credit policies.

Last Updated: 8/21/14