Spanish Language & Culture in Madrid & Malaga

*Please note that only SUNY students can apply for this program*


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The four and six-week language and culture programs provide intensive Spanish language instruction at all levels from beginning through advanced, immersion in Spanish culture, advanced courses in literature and history, and courses in English on aspects of Spanish culture.  The four-week program is based in Madrid, while the 6-week program spends two weeks on the Costa del Sol in Torremolinos in the province of Malaga before joining the four-week program in Madrid.  Both versions of the program culminate with a grand finale weekend in Paris. Professor Antonio Sobejano Moran of Binghamton's Department of Romance Languages leads the group.


Spain is a country with dramatic contrasts in geography and settlement patterns which over time has led to a remarkable regional diversity. Twice the size of Britain, it is one of Europe's larger countries. To visit Spain is to experience the legacy of its vast history from the time of the Visigoth monarchs, the seven and a half centuries of Moorish rule, followed by the Reconquest and Empire to the 20th century's turbulent history marked by the Spanish Civil War, two world wars and the transformational impact of membership in the European Union. The interplay of regional identities versus nation-state loyalties is a constant theme as represented by language itself. In addition to the Spanish language, with its own regional dialects, the languages of the Catalans, Basques, and Galicians still flourish.

Madrid, the capital, is located in the center of the peninsula. With a population of around four million, the sophisticated cosmopolitan city includes monumental palaces, churches, and government buildings with parks, broad avenues, broad avenues and stately statues and fountains. Museums abound-El Museo Nacional del Prado, Casa de Cervantes, la Sorolla and others. Famous for its nightlife, visitors will find flamenco, jazz, zarzuelas, opera, theater, concerts, film, and popular music from many traditions. Close to Madrid are the 16th century palace El Escorial, the Valley of the Fallen, and the historical cities of the Central Plateau such as Toledo and Segovia.


The four week Madrid program is expected to take
place from July 2nd to July 29th. The six week Malaga
and Madrid program is expected to be June 16th to
July 29th.

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