Spanish Language & Culture in Madrid & Málaga:
Academic Features

All students are required to take 2 courses at 3 credits each for a total of 6 credits.  For those in the six week program the total number of courses is three courses for a total of 9 credits.  Many of the courses in the program may count toward the Spanish major or minor at Binghamton.   Students receive individual advising in the Romance Languages Department as to which courses will count toward the major and minor.  In addition, students may also be able to fulfill Binghamton General Education Requirements for some of the program courses.  Certain courses are can be  taken as graduate courses and graduate students are welcome on the program.

Some of the courses include field trips as an intrinsic part of the instruction, and all courses take advantage of the Spanish history and culture that students experience through organized activities or simply from daily life in Madrid.  Each course consists of 40 to 45 classroom hours.  Language courses are limited in size to 16 students each.  All courses are offered in Spanish unless otherwise noted.  In selecting courses, students should be flexible in case a course is canceled for insufficient enrollment.  Students take one course in Malaga, and two courses in Madrid.  Unless otherwise noted, all courses are taught in Spanish.

Classes in Málaga are all in the morning for four hours each day. Students select one course for the Málaga portion. Classes in Madrid take place in the morning, afternoon, and evening for three hours each day. Students select two courses to take while in Madrid. 5000 level numbers indicates graduate level for which there is a supplement of $150 per course.


2014 Program Coursework:

*You can find the generally accepted Binghamton University course equivalencies for these classes HERE , however all students should consult with their relevant academic adviser to confirm appropriate courses for them and credit that will be accepted from the program. Students who do not attend Binghamton need to consult with the academic adviser at their home school to inquire about their equivalencies. 

Courses Offered in Málaga: (for 6 week
participants only)

C1120 Elementary Spanish I
C2200 Intermediate Spanish I
C2241 Spanish Conversation 1—General Topics
C3241 Advanced Conversation—General Topics
C4932 The Theater of Federico Garcia Lorca

Courses Offered in Madrid :

Morning Classes (9:15-12:30)
M1121 Beginning Spanish II
M2200 Intermediate Spanish I
M2201 Intermediate Spanish II
A2241 Spanish Conversation, General topics
M2270 Art, Music, Folklore & Traditions*
M3240 Advanced Conversation—Business Topics
M3250 Spanish-American Culture & Civilization

Afternoon Classes (2:30-5:45)
A2241 Spanish Conversation, General topics
A3030 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
A3240 Advanced Conversation– Business terms
A3241 Advanced Conversation—Medical Terms
A3500 Spanish Culture & Civilization*
A4930/5930 Introducción al Teatro Español

Evening Classes (6:00-9:15)
E3242 Advanced Conversation– General Topics
E3330 Grammar and Composition
E 4470 Contemporary Spain
*Courses with an asterisk are taught in English

View and download the Full Course Descriptions- the syllabi- from the FORSPRO website here:

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