Arabic Language & North African Studies
Summer Program: Academic Features

The program offers five tracks which are described below. The intensive Arabic Language program, with language instruction at three levels - beginning, intermediate, advanced - allows students toconcentrate on their Arabic language skills and spend some additional time working with Colloquial Moroccan or a segment of the North African Studies curriculum.

The North African Studies program consists of five courses from which two may be chosen. Each year the selection of courses is similar. For 2007 these courses are listed below; similar courses will be offered for 2008.

Arab Society
Islamic Civilization
History of the Arab World
Issues in Contemporary North Africa

Students electing to take standard Arabic will be given a proficiency test for placement purposes at the beginning of the program. The proficiency test follows the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages Guidelines (ACTFL) and is also given post-program so that students can assess their gains. All participants take colloquial Moroccan in order to communicate in the local environment.

Students select courses following one of 5 tracks as follows:
Track A1
Modern Standard Arabic Language Class, beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels for 4 weeks - for 3-4 credits, first summer session.

Track A2
Modern Standard Arabic at beginning, intermediate or advanced level for 3-4 credits, 4 week session.

Track B
Modern Standard Arabic language class, beginning, intermediate or advanced level for 6-8 credits, 8 week session.

Track C
Two North African Studies courses worth 3 credits each, 8 week session

Track D
Modern Standard Arabic language at beginning, intermediate, or advanced level for 6--8 credits and one North African Studies Course for 3 credits, 8 week session.

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