University of Nottingham Study Abroad & Exchange

Application deadlines for Study Abroad & Exchange at University of Nottinghamton:
For fall semester or academic year study at University of Nottingham, the application deadline is typically March 1st during the previous spring.

For spring  semester study abroad at University of Nottingham, the application deadline is SEPTEMBER 1st of the prior year! Please be sure to note this application deadline which must be set earlier than other programs. No applications for spring semester study can be accepted after September 1st, no exceptions. 

Exchange positions ARE currently available for this program. Applying for an exchange is a great way to save on the cost of tuition.

The University of Nottingham, one of Britain's leading universities, is located in central England. The study abroad program features courses in several management fields, the humanities, social sciences, sciences, computer science, and some fields of engineering. Binghamton students are fully integrated in the university, taking courses with British and European students, living in campus residence halls, and participating in any university activities they choose.

Check out this video tour of the main campus, University Park, at UoN!

With nearly 15,000 full-time students, the main campus, University Park is located 3 miles west of downtown on a very attractive, landscaped campus set in a green belt of woodlands, parks, and playing fields. Some departments are housed on the new Jubilee Campus, easily accessible by shuttle bus. The Jubilee Campus-home to the Business School-is environmentally friendly with beautiful and green buildings like this library on the pond. Nottingham is one of England's most sought after universities in terms of applications per place. British students enroll from all parts of the United Kingdom, and there is a substantial and diverse international student population. The atmosphere on campus is friendly and dynamic.


Nottingham is situated in the "Midlands" of England with a population of nearly 300,000. Famously associated with the legend of Robin Hood, the city has a rich history still evident in its varied architecture, beautiful old buildings, and picturesque castle. Today the city is a vibrant mix of old and new. The diverse and energetic downtown is centered on the market square, and filled with a wide variety of stores, cafes, restaurants and pubs. An extensive network of cycling paths provide a delightful way to explore.

The cultural life of Nottingham is lively and cosmopolitan. A superb modern concert hall attracts well known names from the classical, pop, and rock worlds; there are two theaters which offer both repertory and touring productions. Many local artists contribute to the active contemporary arts scene. Nottingham is a major sporting city, famous for its football (soccer), rugby, cricket, and ice hockey matches.

The city lies in one of the most beautiful regions of the English countryside with easy access to the Peak District National Park. The central location and nearby airport also invite easy travel to other parts of the United Kingdom and Europe. London is two hours away by express train.


Fall semester runs from the end of September until mid-January. Spring semester begins at the end of January and ends mid-June. It is not possible to plan in advance to leave before the end of the examination period. In the fall there is a three-week break over the winter holidays. In the spring semester there is a month-long spring break, from mid-March to mid- April.

Please consult the University of Nottingham's term calendar for specific dates.

Last Updated: 8/21/14