Soochow University:
Academic Features

The academic program is focused on the study of Chi-nese language and culture. All instruction is in Chinese. On arrival, students will take a placement test to determine the appropriate level of coursework. Students who have completed two years of college-level Chinese or the equivalent will take a combination of language courses and courses about Chinese culture taught in Chinese. Students who have completed three years of college-level Chinese or the equivalent will take courses in language, culture and other topics. Students with sufficiently proficient Chinese may enroll in regular university courses in a wide variety of fields.
Chinese language courses are intensive and meet four hours a day from Monday through Friday. Elective courses covering a variety of cultural and linguistic topics are offered in the afternoons.
Sample Courses:

  •  Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Chinese
  • Chinese Conversation
  • Chinese Writing
  • Introduction to China
  • History of the Modern Chinese Economy
  • Reading the Chinese Press
  • Inter-cultural Communications
  • Chinese Conversation for Business
  • Introduction to Chinese Computing
  • Translation
  • Calligraphy
  • Ancient Chinese
  • Classical Literature
  • Chinese Grammar
  • Folk Customs
  • Martial Arts


A full course load at Soochow is equivalent to 16 credits at Binghamton University. At Soochow, students will take 8-12 credits of Chinese language, and an additional 4-6 credits of elective topical coursework. Generally, students will choose three or four of the 2-credit elective courses in addition to their language courses for a total of five or six courses during a semester at Soochow.

Last Updated: 8/21/14