Soochow University:

The program at Soochow University is an exchange program, and all interested students will participate as exchange students. Participation in exchange programs is a good strategy for cost savings because you only pay tuition to your home SUNY campus; you do not need to pay tuition at the university abroad. Please visit the Office of International Programs or see the Estimate of Cost Sheet for the most current, detailed cost information.

Financial Aid

Federal and New York State financial aid is generally applicable to study abroad programs. The Binghamton Office of Financial Aid Services is able to consider only the applications of students matriculated at Binghamton for degree study. Other SUNY and non-SUNY students should contact the financial aid office on the home campus for information about eligibility for all aid programs.

The Rosefsky Scholarship supports Binghamton students with financial need studying in the fall, spring or academic year.  The Asia Scholarship offered by the Asian and Asian-American Studies department supports Binghamton students studying language and culture in Asia. Other national scholarships may be available as well.  For more information, see the scholarships section of our website.



Last Updated: 6/18/15