Soochow University

Soochow University is home to a Binghamton exchange and study abroad program for the study of Chinese language, culture, and history. Binghamton students study at the School of Overseas Education with other international students. They live in on-campus residence halls for foreign students, dine in campus cafeterias, and can participate in any university activities. Students with sufficiently proficient Mandarin may enroll in regular university coursework in a wide variety of fields.

The City of Suzhou

Soochow University is located in the city of Suzhou. Only sixty miles from Shanghai's airports and cosmopolitan amenities, Suzhou lies at the heart of the Juangnan region in central-eastern China and is only a few hours by car, bus, train or boat from Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ynagzhou, Wuxi and other well-known places. Famed for its canals, cobblestone alleyways, classic gardens, temples, silks and literati culture, Suzhou is the only major Chinese city to have successfully preserved some of the spatial and cultural sense of its heralded past. The classical gardens built during the Ming and Qing dynasties are premiere examples of Chinese garden design and have been designated a World Heritage Site.

Today, Suzhou is one of the most pleasant and interesting cities in China. Along with its famous sites and celebration of imperial era glories, Suzhou boasts an economic and cultural vibrancy that has brought a new generation of entrepreneurs as well as artists, writers, musicians and designers to congregate here. The Suzhou New District (to the west of the old city) and the Suzhou-Singapore Industrial Park (to the east of the old city) have combined to make the city a leading player in China's rapid economic development. These zones are especially notable for fostering high-tech industry and attracting foreign investment from Fortune 500 and equivalent firms.

The University

Soochow University is the leading provincial-level university in China's most economically advanced region. The university was originally established in 1900 as an American Methodist missionary college. The stately buildings and lawns of the old central campus date to this famous pre-1949 institution. China's central government has named Soochow a "provincial key comprehensive university" and awarded it "state 211 project" funding. The University is thus the leading institution of higher learning in this municipality of over 6 million people. With 46,000 students (24,900 undergraduates, 3,500 graduate students, and 16,000 evening program students); 30 doctoral programs, 48 masters programs 85 undergraduate programs, six campuses, and institutional relationships with more than 80 institutions around the world, Soochow is a major Chinese university.

The School of Overseas Education boasts a brand-new classroom building on the eastern side of the main campus, a short walk from the old city moat, the old campus, and the historic districts of old city Suzhou.

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Fall semester runs from September first until late-January. Spring semester begins in late February and runs until mid-July.

Last Updated: 8/21/14