The Total Art of Chinese Theatre

China is glowing after its Olympic success, for which its major historical attractions were made to look even grander than they had for generations. The arts are flourishing after having just been on spectacular international display. This is a superb time to participate in The Total Art of Chinese Theatre Program. Total Art is that which combines many arts into a single activity. Acting, singing, orchestral music, dance and painting synthesize to create an art form which has an identity of its own. Chinese Theatre, also known as Chinese Opera, is an example of Total Art. It incorporates everything mentioned and even adds acrobatics and martial arts. The Total Art of Chinese Theatre Program will give primary attention to traditional performing arts, notably Beijing and Shaoxing Opera. This year, however, it will add an excursion to see the astonishing and unique "face-changing" opera style, which has dazzled audiences for years. In addition to the theatre, attention will be given to all aspects of Chinese arts and culture, so that, at the end of your time in the country, you will have had a thorough exposure to this rich, ancient civilization.

Program Dates:

The program typically runs from the end of May through mid-June.

Last Updated: 8/21/14