Utrecht University

Utrecht University ranks first among Dutch universities and is one of the finest universities in Europe and the world..  All courses are taught in English.  There is a rich selection of courses in humanities, social science, science and business.  Of particular interest are the programs in business and economics, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, linguistics, environmental science, politics and history. The University emphasizes broad interdisciplinary studies and engagement with the wider world. Students in any major are encouraged to participate for the academic year or the fall or spring semester. Binghamton University also has an exchange program at the Utrecht School of Economics (USE).

The historic city of Utrecht, with its charming canals and wharves and outdoor terraces, is the 4th largest city in the Netherlands, with Amsterdam just 30 minutes, and Paris 4 hours, away by train.  With a population of 250,000, it is a vibrant, sociable city  of manageable size.  Rich with culture, Utrecht offers museums, festivals, Cultural Sundays, the City-theatre and concert hall.

The long history of this 2000-year old city is evident in its ancient churches, the Dom tower, the old inner-city of small streets, canals and cellars.  Utrecht is located in the center of the Netherlands, making it an ideal site for tourists, students and businesses alike.  The central location allows students to take advantage of charms of campus life and a scenic location with easy access to fascinating travel destinations around Europe.


Fall semester generally runs from the beginning of September  to the third week of December, with six weeks between the fall and spring semesters.  Spring semester runs from late January or early February to the middle of May.  The terms last 15 weeks with a short break in the middle of each term.  Students may participate in either or both semesters.  Academic-year participation offers the fullest experience and is strongly encouraged.

Last Updated: 8/21/14