Binghamton University Road Map 2012

The Road Map Project is a collaborative effort among Binghamton University focus groups to recommend and build specific initiatives to move the university toward being the premier public university of the 21st century.  For more information, please visit the President's Road Map information page.

OIRA Roadmap Contributions

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment provides a crucial role in providing quantitative data to university-wide Road Map teams to assist in defining the scope and definition of success.  Areas of information gathering and reporting include:

  • Data regarding graduation rates and retention rates, broken down by school and other cross sections (international, domestic out of state versus New York, special programs (EOP / TRIO), athletes)
  • Data on how we compare to our current "peer group" of other universities
  • NSSE results
  • Information reported to SUNY relative to student success
  • Pertinent sections of annual reports or similar documents from academic and student services units
  • Qualitative information form academic advising and student support services offices
  • Admissions profiles over time (SAT / GPA matrices and trends)
  • Placement data relative to graduate school placement and career placement

Please see the menu on the left for specific data provided to each of the focus group teams.

Last Updated: 3/16/16