Free Speech

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, of the press, of association, of assembly, and of petition from suppression by the government. These constitutional guarantees, collectively known as the right to freedom of expression, are essential to the mission of Binghamton University.

University on Free Speech

As an institution dedicated to excellence and higher learning, Binghamton University encourages open debate and the exchange of ideas and opinions. As a state university, Binghamton University must protect the First Amendment rights of the campus community. The University's commitment to free speech is discussed fully in "The Report of the President's Commission on Free Speech and Academic Freedom", the introduction of which reads:

"Freedom of expression and academic freedom are essential to our understanding of the purpose of a university. At the State University of New York at Binghamton we view the university as an institution that recognizes unfettered freedom in the give and take of ideas and opinions as an integral part of its mission. The ideal of the university as a marketplace of ideas must not, however, interfere with the equally important ideal of a university as a place where all people are respected, and where tolerance, rational discourse, thoughtfulness, and reason prevail over uncontrolled emotion and prejudice. In theory, the twin ideals of a university as a marketplace of ideas and as a community of scholarship should not conflict; in practice, however, they sometimes do."

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