2013 Orientation Advisors


Shriman Balasubramanian

Poughkeepsie, New York

Sophomore: Biology and Management 

Housing Community: Newing

Campus Involvement: BU Scholars Program, Water Polo, Student Ambassador Program, Athletic Department employee

Favorite thing about Binghamton: How the whole campus has a close community feel. 



Abby Blackman

Abigail Blackman

Conklin, New York

Junior: Psychology

Transfered from SUNY Oswego

Housing Community: Dickinson

Campus Involvement: BASIC, Hall Government, NRHH, Tau Sigma-Transfer Honor Society, Intermural Softball

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The endless amount of things to do and the variety of people to meet. 




Rajesh Burela

Monroe, New York

Sophomore: Integrative Neuroscience

Housing Community: Dickinson

Campus Involvement: Pipe Dream, Dickinson Town Council, Neuroscience Club, Video Game Association, Chess Club

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The great sense of society among all the students. 



Mary Denman

Mary Denmon

Endicott, New York

Returning Orientation Advisor

Senior: Cell and Molecular Biology

Housing Community: Off-Campus

Campus Involvement: Emerging Leaders Program and English Conversation Pairs 

Favorite thing about Binghamton: All of the hidden places to have fun!



Tim Friedmann

Chappaqua, New York

Junior: Cell and Molecular Biology

Housing Community: Off-Campus

Campus Involvement: Harpur's Ferry, BU Scholars Program, Tastebuds, Tour Guide 

Favorite thing about Binghamton: I love the size, the opportunities that come with it, and the campus feel!  




Pamela Ghigliotti

Medford, New York

Junior: English concentrating on Rhetoric and Theater concentrating in Technical Design 

Housing Community: College in the Woods 

Campus Involvement: Student Ambassadors, Dance Team, Tap That, Hall Government

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The community environment. 




Stephanie Gil

Peekskill, New York

Sophomore: Finance 

Housing Community: College in the Woods 

Campus Involvement: Active Minds, Hinman Production Company, Women in Business, Student Ambassadors

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The beautiful campus and the opportunities both professionally, academically, and socially. 




Taimur Hamid

Queens, New York

Sophomore: Undecided

Housing Community: Hinman

Campus Involvement: Intramural Basketball, Hinman College Representatives 

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The tight knit communities and campus involvement! Ex: Dorm wars and Hysteria!




Lachoy Harris

Ocho Rios, St. Ann Jamaica 

Sophomore: Sociology and Philosophy, Politics, and Law (PPL)

Housing Community: College in the Woods 

Campus Involvement: Student Support Services and Black Student Union

Favorite thing about Binghamton: I get to meet interesting and diverse people. I feel comfortable here. You'll definitely be able to "Be You at BU."




Natalie Knezevic

Dobbs Ferry, New York

Sophomore: Undeclared

Housing Community: College in the Woods 

Campus Involvement: Rhythm Method a capella Group, Binghamton Association for Mixed Students

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The diversity of the student body. 




Casey Levine 

Rockville, Maryland

Returning Orientation Advisor

Junior: Computer Engineering

Housing Community: Mountainview

Campus Involvement: Crew, ETA, Resident Assistant

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The endless opportunities to be involved and all of the friendly people.




Alyssa Moya

Queens, New York

Sophomore: Undeclared

Housing Community: College in the Woods

Campus Involvement: Student Ambassador Program and past apprenticeship with Harpur Radio Workshop

Favorite thing about Binghamton:  Late Night Binghamton!




Cara Natale

Yorktown Heights, New York

Sophomore: Psychology

Housing Community: Newing

Campus Involvement: BU Wind Symphony, BU Flute Trio, BU Scholars Program, Intramural Volleyball, Resident Assistant in Endicott Hall 

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The people! I have made the most incredible friends here and there is never a dull moment. 




Shirley Shum

Staten Island, New York

Sophomore: Nursing

Housing Community: Newing

Campus Involvement: Nursing Student Association, Student Support Services, InterVarsity (Christian Fellowship), Scholars Program, Newing Sustainability Committee, Student volunteer center 

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The people! 



Erin Small

Erin Small

Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 

Sophomore: Electrical Engineering

Housing Community: Mountainview

Campus Involvement: Student volunteer center, Society of Women Engineers, Running club, Ski club, Mountaineers

Favorite thing about Binghamton: Being Involved and meeting new people. 




Pradeep Thamboo

Albany, New York

Senior: Psychology

Transfered from SUNY Cortland

Housing Community: University Plaza-Off Campus 

Campus Involvement: Student Psychological Association, Catholic Student Association, Active Minds, WHRW

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The diversity that exists among the student population.




Christopher Tufo

South Huntington, New York

Sophomore: Integrative Neuroscience 

Housing Community: Newing

Campus Involvement: BU Scholars Program, Global Education Investment, Peace Action, Student Ambassadors Program

Favorite Thing About Binghamton: How genuinely nice everyone is. 



Vivian Vuong

Bay Shore, New York

Sophomore: Actuarial Science 

Housing Community: Mountainview

Campus Involvement: Delaware Hall Government, Residential Advisor, BU Fine Arts Society, Philippine American League, Operation Smile

Favorite thing about Binghamton: Community events and cultural groups. 




Dickquan Williams 

Brooklyn, New York 

Junior: Mechanical Engineering

Housing Community: Hillside 

Campus Involvement: President of current building, secretary of Ballroom Dance team/club

Favorite thing about Binghamton: Feeling of free will. 




Ying Wu

Beijing, China

Senior: Actuarial Science 

Housing Community: Off-Campus

Campus Involvement: Mentor for Academic Success Program, Chinese Tutor at CLT, President of International Connection

Favorite thing about Binghamton: The diversity and opportunities. 

Last Updated: 4/22/14