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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park overnight?

With a valid permit you may park your vehicle overnight all year long in Lot E1, Lot H, Lot I, Lot M1, Lot N, Lot O1, Lot O2, Lot S1, Lot S2, Lot S3, Lot T, Lot X, Lot Y1, Lot Y3, Lot Y4 (Hangtag only; no decals), Lot Y5 (Hangtag only; no decals), Lot ZZ north, and Lot ZZ south.

Between March 30th and November 15th, you may also park overnight in Lot F, Lot F1, Lot F2, Lot G, Lot J, Lot M2, Lot M3, Lot M4, Lot V, and Lot Y2.

Without a valid permit you may park in the Parking Garage (hourly and daily rates apply). Between March 30th and November 15th, you may also park overnight Lot W - the Visitor's Paid Lot (hourly and daily rates apply).

See the campus map for locations of these lots.

I want to appeal a ticket but I need to register for classes (or get a transcript) and the ticket is preventing me from registering (or getting a transcript).

Appeals must be submitted within 30 days from the date of the ticket. You can pay your ticket and still proceed with both steps of the appeals process. The Parking Appeals Committee does not know if the ticket has been paid and payment will not affect the decision. If the ticket is waived by the Parking Appeals Committee at either the written or personal appeal level, a refund in the amount that you paid will automatically be issued to you or will be applied to any remaining amount you owe the University.

Unpaid citations will double 30 days after issuance even if an appeal hasn't been resolved.

What do I need to buy a parking permit?

You will need to produce your vehicle registration so that we can verify the registered owner and license plate number. Also, you should know your Binghamton University identification number (B-number). See Permit Options.

Where can I buy a parking permit?

You may purchase a parking permit on-line, in person at the Parking Services Office (AD G-8), or at the Information Booth on Bartle Drive.

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Are the parking regulations and parking meters in effect during campus breaks and on holidays?

Yes, the University's parking regulations and meters are enforced at all times during the year.

If a friend comes to visit me at my residence hall this weekend does (s)he need to have a parking permit?

After 5:00 PM on Friday until 11:59 PM Sunday, there is no charge to park on campus and permits are not required. However, if your friend comes before 5:00 PM on Friday or is staying after 11:59 PM on Sunday, a permit will have to be purchased and displayed on the vehicle. You may purchase the permit at Parking Services or the Information Booth. If those offices are closed, permits may be purchased 24 hours daily at the University Police Department. To avoid a parking ticket you should check where your guest has parked and verify that overnight parking is allowed in that location.

Are permit refunds available?

Refunds are available within seven days from the date of the purchase of the permit. The permit must be returned to the Parking Services Office within that time period in order for a refund to be processed.

If I am parked far away from my car at night, are there safety measures I can utilize?

The University strives to provide a safe campus environment. The parking lots are well lit and patrolled frequently. An emergency telephone system on campus facilitates emergency assistance. There are 66 emergency telephones located around campus. Each is marked by a large blue light directly above the telephone box, which is bright yellow and labeled "emergency". In addition, the University Police Department will provide an on-campus escort 24 hours a day. Call x2393 to arrange an escort.

My permit was stolen. What can I do to get a replacement?

If your permit is stolen, you can receive a replacement, provided a report of its theft is filed with the University Police Department . There is a replacement fee.

I have a parking permit but I forgot to hang it on my mirror and I received a ticket, what can I do?

Each parking permit owner is issued a "Courtesy Card" for each semester the permit is valid. This courtesy card may be used to waive a ticket issued to the permit owner's vehicle if the vehicle is ticketed for failure to display a valid parking permit. If you have utilized all the courtesy cards you are issued, you may either appeal the ticket or pay the fine.

I have a parking permit, but I left it at home and need a permit for today, what should I do?

One-day permits may be purchased at a rate of $6.00 per day. Employees represented by a bargaining unit may obtain a free one-day permit up to three times a year. Permits are available at Parking Services, the Information Booth or at the University Police Department.

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My car is in for repairs and I need to bring another car on campus. What shall I do?

Remember to take your hangtag out of the car to be repaired and put it in the car you are driving to campus. If you are a bargaining unit employee you will need to stop at the Information Booth, Parking Services or University Police to obtain a free temporary permit (limit 3 per year).

I am an employee represented by a bargaining unit. I have a registration decal but I have just bought a new car. What do I need to do to park on campus?

Employees represented by a bargaining unit must register each vehicle they bring on campus. You will need to register your new vehicle at a rate of $25.00 with Parking Services and we will provide you with a decal as proof that you have registered. Decals are not transferable from one vehicle to another.

What do I need to do if I need to unload something and I need to park near a building or my residence hall?

The University Police Department should be called in advance at x7-2393 for permission to load or unload. If you're granted permission, your vehicle's four-way emergency flashers must be displayed while the vehicle is in the restricted area. A 20-minute time limit will be strictly enforced.

I was a visitor to the campus and was not aware that I needed a permit to park. I received a ticket for not having a University parking permit. What can I do?

If the ticket was for no campus decal or permit you can pay the equivalent of a one-day permit if the ticket is paid within five days from the day the ticket was issued. If you parked on campus between midnight on Monday and 5 PM on Friday that fee is $6.00 per day. You may mail the ticket and the reduced fee to the Parking Services Office. You may also appeal the ticket. See Parking Appeals

How do I pay a ticket?

See Pay a Fine. If you are affiliated with the University (Faculty, Staff or a student) and you are paying on the date of the ticket you can pay your fine in Parking Services or the Information Booth. Any time after the initial issue date of the ticket you may pay your fine online at

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