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Parking and Traffic Violations

The University requires that all vehicles conform to New York State Department of Motor Vehicle rules and regulations regarding registration, insurance, and safety inspections. In addition, violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law or any other applicable traffic ordinance will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the applicable law.

The University seeks to assure that safe and accessible parking is available for intended users and that University business may be conducted in a safe and orderly fashion. In addition, access at all times must be available for emergency and critical service equipment.

The responsibility for finding a valid parking space, as well as determining whether a parking hangtag or decal is valid, rests with the vehicle operator. Since parking spaces are limited, purchase of a parking hangtag or decal does not assure a parking space. Lack of an available space is not justification for violating University parking regulations.

Vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of a valid parking space. This means that there is no parking on crosswalks, on sidewalks, on off-pavement areas, at yellow curb areas, beyond the end of a marked row, in bus or loading zones, in traffic lanes or barricaded or closed areas, or any other non-valid space. Personal notes of explanation left on vehicles or the fact that other vehicles are parked illegally do not constitute justification for parking in violation of the regulations.

Tickets will be issued, and parking fines assessed, for the following violations:

01  Parking in a tow-away zone: $40

02  Parking in a fire-safety zone: $100

03  No current, appropriately displayed University registration decal: $40

04  No current, appropriately displayed University parking permit: $40

05  Parking on the grass: $40

06  Unauthorized parking in a disabled zone: $100

07  Overtime parking: $20

08  Parking in a restricted area: $40

09  All other violations: $40

10  Parking in Tow Away Commuter/Snow Lot: $25

11  Parking while displaying a stolen, forged, altered or illegally obtained parking permit or registration decal: $50

12  Parking while displaying an expired DMV registration or vehicle inspection: $40

18  Resident freshman with parking hangtag and decal parked outside of Lot ZZ: $20

Non-affiliated visitors may have the first ticket issued for "03 no current vehicle registration decal displayed" and/or "04 no current University parking permit displayed" waived if the current daily rate is paid at Parking Services within five business days of ticket issuance.

Students, faculty, and staff may have the first ticket issued for "03/04 No Current Decal/Permit Displayed" waived if permanent (semesterly or annual) permit/registration is purchased at Parking Services within five business days of ticket issuance.

In all other cases, the full amount of the ticket must be paid.

The operator of a vehicle parked on campus is presumed to be affiliated with the University. Responsibility for parking violations cited to a vehicle will lie with the owner or family member of the owner affiliated with Binghamton University. The person affiliated with the University is held responsible for parking tickets issued to family members' vehicles. It is your responsibility to inform your family and friends of the parking rules and regulations.

Vehicles illegally parked may be towed at the owner's expense. If your vehicle is towed to another location on campus, you must show a currently valid driver's license and insurance card at the University Police Department before you can claim the vehicle.

Anyone who tampers with, makes fraudulent use of, or counterfeits a campus registration decal or parking hangtag, or makes other unauthorized use of a decal or hangtag, or obtains a decal or hangtag by giving false information is subject to additional fines, University disciplinary action and/or arrest and the rescission of campus vehicle registration and/or parking permit privileges.


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Last Updated: 8/5/13