Disability Parking

Special parking is available on campus for people with impaired mobility. Parking spaces reserved for this purpose are designated by the international access symbol painted on the ground and/or by "Disabled Parking" signs. Under Binghamton University's disability parking policy, an individual seeking to park in designated disability parking areas on campus must:

Display a State Disability Parking Hangtag (from the vehicle's rearview mirror)
Have Disability Parking License plates on the driven vehicle
Comply with all university policies and procedures related to vehicle registration on campus. Binghamton University parking patrons needing one or more of the following disability authorization upgrades should contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) at (607) 777-2686. Medical documentation justifying the need for such parking will be required. Please visit the "Campus Accessibility" section of the SSD website for application procedures and additional information.

  1. Temporary campus-based disability parking authorizations may be granted for a maximum of 14 days duration in order to allow applicants time to obtain a State Disability Parking Hangtag from the municipality governing the address on their driver's license or non-driver photo I.D. Persons needing a state disability permit for a limited time ( 6 months or less) can apply for a temporary State Disability Parking Hangtag from the local municipality where they are living while at Binghamton University.
  2. Authorization of "L-Permit" parking for drivers who have State Disability Parking Hangtags or Disability License Plates AND whose disabilities limit them to such an extent that traveling from regular disability parking to building destinations is too far for them to physically manage. Medical Applications for "L-Permit" Parking are available in the SSD office.
  3. Issuance of "Wheelchair-Only" permits for drivers who meet the criteria in #2 AND whose wheelchair or scooter use necessitates access to wider transfer aisles between parking spaces.

To apply for a NYS Disability Parking Hangtag you must contact the city, town, or village office of the municipality governing the address that appears on your driver's license or non-driver photo I.D. That office should be able to mail or fax you a disability parking application if they utilize one different from the standard NYS form. Refer to the web-based brochure or call the NYS Disability Parking Coordinator, at 607-474-0623, with questions regarding the NYS application process. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Vehicles not displaying the appropriate disability parking permit will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense.

Persons requesting information regarding disabled parking arrangements at the University Downtown Center can contact the Security Guards at the UDC reception desk or by calling Parking Services at 607-777-2279


Last Updated: 12/1/14