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Personal Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC)

RAVE Alerts

Below are the methods of communication used when a RAVE Alert is issued

1) RAVE Alert text/e-mail messages

A text message would be sent out to all students, faculty and staff with information regarding the emergency. If you are not signed up for the RAVE Alert Text Messaging service, follow this link to register:

2) Binghamton University Website

The University home page ( is the official site of Binghamton University. This page will contain important information regarding critical incidents.

3) Outdoor Emergency Siren

This public address speaker/siren is designed to warn only individuals who are outdoors on the Vestal campus.  It is not intended to be heard by people inside buildings on campus. The alert tone may or may not be followed by voice instructions. Regardless if you can comprehend the voice instructions, the default action anytime the siren is sounded is to: Take shelter in the nearest building and seek further information.  Please see below for a list of prerecorded messages that accompany the Warning Siren.

4) BU Alert Line at 607-777-7700

Calling this number will provide a recorded message with updated information regarding all emergency incidents and weather-related information for the Binghamton University campus.

5) Campus TV

Students, staff and faculty can turn their on-campus televisions to channel 42 for more information.

6) Electronic LED message boards and TV screens

The University manages a series of electronic message boards and TV screens that are placed at various locations throughout the campus. Common locations for these types of signs include the entrances to campus as well as dining facilities. These boards may be quickly ‘captured’ and programmed to display emergency messages whenever necessary.

7) Campus Listservs (B-Line, Dateline)

E-mail messages can be sent to all students, staff and faculty with up-to-date information on the emergency and all relevant safety information.

8) Campus voicemail

All University-owned, hard-wired phones are capable of receiving voicemail messages. During an emergency incident, a recorded message containing critical information can be distributed to all campus phones. For more information regarding emergencies and the community response, go to the Binghamton University Emergency Management website at



Warning Siren : Accompanying Prerecorded Announcements  

Tornado Warning

“The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for this area. Take shelter in a secure area. Tune to area radio and TV stations for further information.”

Thunderstorm Warning

“A severe thunderstorm is approaching the Binghamton University campus. Expect the possibility of lightning, hail and or damaging winds. Please take cover indoors.”

Chemical Emergency

“Attention! There has been a chemical release in the area. Go inside, close all windows and doors. There has been a chemical release in the area. Seek shelter now.”

Hazardous Condition

“Attention! There is a dangerous condition on the Binghamton University campus. Take shelter immediately and seek additional information from alternate sources. Seek shelter now.”

Campus Evacuation

“Warning, a mandatory evacuation has been issued effective immediately. Follow all emergency evacuation plans and evacuate at once. Personnel without transportation, stand by for additional information.”

Pre-Announcement for Live Broadcast

“Attention! Attention! Stand by for an emergency announcement. Stand by for emergency information. Attention! Attention! Stand by for an emergency announcement. Stand by for emergency information.”


“Attention, this is a test of the Binghamton University emergency warning electronic siren. If this were an actual emergency, you would immediately seek shelter and information from alternate sources. This is a test.”

All Clear

"All Clear. The emergency alert for the Binghamton University campus has been cancelled. All Clear. The emergency alert for the Binghamton University campus has been cancelled."

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Last Updated: 1/27/14