School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacy Practice

The Department of Pharmacy Practice in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences provides the basic and advanced clinical practice coursework and practical skills training components of the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) curriculum. The department also encourages and supports pharmacy practice-related research and scholarship.

Department faculty and coursework provide training in the applied knowledge and skills necessary to understand and competently practice as pharmacists in contemporary and developing translational, innovative healthcare settings. Emphasis is placed on both individual and team-based learning, interprofessional collaboration and the appropriate application of evidence-based information, technology and acquired clinical knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality patient care.

The coursework and training provided by the department is closely aligned and coordinated with the pharmacy practice experiences structured within the doctor of pharmacy curriculum. The alignment between the pharmacy practice coursework and the practice experiences is planned to assure the successive reinforcement of core clinical practice knowledge and skills through direct clinical care delivery opportunities.

Message from the Chair

KarenBeth Bohan, PharmD Chair
KarenBeth Bohan
PharmD, BCPS
Founding Chair

The profession of pharmacy is exciting, rewarding, and ever changing. There has never been a better time to consider this as your career. On behalf of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, I am pleased to welcome you to the Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

My vision for the department is to collaborate with colleagues to build a curriculum that is engaging, stimulating, challenging and one that will prepare all Binghamton pharmacy students both in the core competencies of the pharmacy profession, and in becoming thought and action leaders in our ever changing system of healthcare. Once recognized as an educational tract to prepare pharmacists to work primarily in drugstores, a pharmacy program in the 21st century needs to train students for a wealth of different career paths and to work as effective team members in the medical field with other medical practitioners. We will hire and mentor faculty who are leaders, great communicators and exceptional pharmacy clinicians in their areas of expertise. We will have a passion for sharing our knowledge and skills by working with students to facilitate learning. In addition, our pharmacy practice faculty will engage students in meaningful clinical practice research and scholarly activities to help develop and improve pharmacy services and patient care health outcomes in our local communities and beyond. Together we will contribute to the advancement of the mission and vision of the pharmacy profession.

The Department of Pharmacy Practice cannot function without strong community partnerships with healthcare facilities, networks, pharmacists and other healthcare providers. I believe in developing sites for experiential learning that are not only excellent opportunities for student learning but are also mutually beneficial and rewarding for the preceptors and administration at the practice sites.

When students practice their skills in the care of real patients they begin to link what they’ve learned in the classroom to the day-to-day activities of pharmacists. Their desire to learn grows as they realize their actions have been a part of improving a patient’s response to drug therapy.

When I entered pharmacy school many years ago, I never thought of career possibilities beyond being a hospital pharmacist. If I could go back in time and tell myself that years later I would become a director of a hospital pharmacy, develop and run an antimicrobial stewardship program, become faculty in a school of pharmacy and go on to develop a global health experiential rotation for American pharmacy students in Uganda, Africa, as well as develop and teach a pharmacy skills curriculum to Ugandan pharmacy students, I’m sure my younger self would have said “you’ve got to be kidding!” and now I’m eager to embark on another leg of my pharmacy career journey here at Binghamton University. The profession of pharmacy has become more gratifying than I ever thought it could be. My path is different than your path but regardless, the opportunities are endless. I sincerely hope you will consider going along for that exciting ride with us at Binghamton University.

KarenBeth Bohan, PharmD, BCPS
Founding Chair
Department of Pharmacy Practice

Last Updated: 3/1/17