School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences



Marissa Barbieri

Marissa Barbieri, BA '09

Clinical Coordinator
Phone: 607-777-5885
Office: Academic B, Room G34

Aaron M. Beedle, Ph.D.

Aaron M. Beedle, Ph.D.

Vice-Chair and Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Phone: 607-777-5840
Office: Academic B, G28

Research focus:

  • Muscular dystrophy: disease pathogenesis and therapeutics
  • Dystroglycan, glycosylation, and the dystrophin-glycoprotein complex
  • Skeletal muscle, heart, and brain function
  • Mouse genetic models

Leon E. Cosler

Leon E. Cosler, RPh, PhD

Founding Chair and Associate Professor, Health Outcomes and Administrative Sciences

Phone: 607-777-5811
Office: Academic A, Room 102

Research focus: 

  • Pharmacoeconomic evaluations
  • Large-scale database analyses
  • Decision modeling

Sarah Lynch

Sarah Lynch, PharmD

Clinical Assistant Professor and Director, Skills Education
Phone: 607-777-5819
Office: Academic B, Room G26 

Research focus:

  • Diabetes management
  • Transitions of care
  • Pharmacy policy

Gloria E. Meredith

Gloria E. Meredith, PhD

Founding Dean, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 607-777-2726
Office: Academic A, Room 110

Research focus: 

  • Neuroscience
  • Mechanisms underlying Parkinson's disease
  • Mechanisms of drug addiction

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Gail B. Rattinger

Gail B. Rattinger, PharmD, PhD

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assessment and Professor, Health Outcomes and Administrative Sciences
Phone: 607-777-5474
Office: Academic A, Room 104

Research focus:

  • Health outcomes, neurodegenerative diseases
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Large claims databases

Lynda Ruffini

Lynda Ruffini, LVT, RVT

Senior Research Support Specialist
Phone: 607-777-5810
Office: Academic B, Room G33

Yi Shi

Yi Shi, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Office: Academic B, Room G27

Research focus:

  • Chemo- and radio-therapeutics
  • Nanoparticle drug delivery
  • Platinum-based anticancer therapeutics

Last Updated: 4/19/17