Combined Degree Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Law

The Program in Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL) offers a limited number of exceptional PPL majors the opportunity to enroll in a Combined Degree MA program in PPL and Philosophy. This combined degree allows PPL majors to graduate in five years with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law, and a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy.

The B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Law The Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL) major at Binghamton University is a great way to pursue a liberal arts education. Many PPL students continue to law school, graduate school, and many other career paths. The major emphasizes critical thinking and expository writing. The major offers core courses in philosophy with complementary courses in history, political science, economics, and other disciplines, leading to an interdisciplinary B.A. degree offered through the Harpur College of Arts and Sciences. (see

The M.A. in Philosophy The Philosophy Department also offers graduate studies in Social, Political, Ethical and Legal Philosophy (SPEL) offering both M.A. and Ph.d. degrees. Students in the program receive a traditional education in philosophy and its major sub-fields while concentrating and specializing in areas of social, political, ethical, and/or legal philosophy - and in particular in special topics and projects at the intersection of two or more of these areas. Students interested in areas of applied ethics, classical and contemporary social and political philosophy, or legal theory will find the faculty and courses in this graduate program particularly attractive. (see

The Combined Degree Program

Earning B.A. and M.A. degrees is normally a six-year process. However, the combined degree program combines the undergraduate PPL major with the SPEL M.A. program to condense the program into five years. The combined degree student is allowed to count some coursework toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The student enrolls in two graduate courses during the fourth year as well as any remaining undergraduate requirements and then completes the M.A. during a fifth year of intensive graduate study.

Why this program might be right for you!

Did you like your philosophy courses as a PPL major? Do you want to increase your knowledge of applied ethics, social and political philosophy, and legal theory? This program offers a unique opportunity for attaining advanced education in an intensive and exciting environment with only a one year commitment beyond the B.A. degree. The program will help you refine your writing skills and develop your abilities to debate and defend philosophical ideas.

In addition, the Combined Degree Program can help students distinguish their academic records for law school applications, the job market, or further graduate study in philosophy. The extra year offers outstanding preparation for law school and an extra year to decide which career or graduate path to pursue. You should speak to a PPL advisor to discuss your particular plans.

See for a more complete description of this program and its requirements.

Last Updated: 8/23/16