Graduate Students

Graduate Students

M.A./Ph.D. Students

Jake Bartholomew

Degree: B.A. Alaska - Anchorage, M.A. Binghamton University
AOS: 20th Cent Continental (esp. French and Critical Theory), Ethics, Social and Political Phil
AOC: Feminist Phil, History of Phil (Modern), Latin American Phil
Advisor: Max Pensky
Dissertation: "Reading Pleasure and Desire in Adorno" (working title)

Aaron Bell
Degree: B.A. Worcester Polytechnic
AOS: Critical Theory, Critical Animal Studies
Advisor: Max Pensky
Sean Bustard
Degree: B.A. Manhattan College, M.A. Georgia State
AOS: Social and Politicall Philosophy, Critical Theory
AOC: Early Modern Philosophy: 18th Century, Ethics, Applied Ethics, 19th Century Continental Philosophy
Advisor: Robert Guay
Dissertation: "The We in I: Institutional Recognition and the Diagnosis of Social Pathologies" (working title)
Alison Coombs
Degree: B.A. Philosophy and Spanish, Metropolitan State University of Denver, M.A. Philosophy Binghamton University
AOS: Applied Ethics, Normative Ethics, Bioethics
AOC: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy
Advisor: Anja Karnein
Dissertation: "Disability and Autonomy: Toward an ethic of inclusion and self-determination in bioethics and public policy." (working title)
Brandon Davis Shannon  |  website
Degree: B.A. Washington College, M.A. Binghamton University
Normative Ethics, Feminist Ethics
Applied Ethics, Logic, Philosophy of Law 
Advisor: Lisa Tessman
Jenn Dum | website 

Degree: B.A. Philosophy, Minor in Economics, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, M.A. Philosophy Binghamton University
AOS: Social and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Education
AOC: Ethics, History of Philosophy (esp. Ancient, Kant, Nietzsche)
Advisor: Robert Guay
Dissertation: "Dimensions of Educational Justice: Practices, Reciprocity, and Individual Development" (working title)

Phillip Emerson 
Degree: M.A. Philosophy, Cleveland State University
AOS: Ethics, Moral Psychology
Robert Guay
Dissertation: "Rethinking Feelings about Morality, and Re-feeling Thinking about Emotions: An Examination through Guilt and Shame." (working title)
Laura Engel 
Degree: B.A. Gustavus Adolphus
Advisor: Lisa Tessman
 Katrina England 
Degree: B.A. Philosophy Westminster College
AOS: Ethics, Metaethics, Social & Political Philosophy, Feminist Theory
Advisor: Lisa Tessman
Joshua Felix
Degree: B.A. SUNY New Paltz, M.A. Philosophy Binghamton University
AOS: Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics
AOC: Philosophy of Law, Applied Ethics, Ancient Philosophy
Max Pensky
Dissertation: "The Plummet and the Line: an Essay on Justice and Equality" (working title)
Committee: Max Pensky (Chair), Anthony R. Reeves, Christopher Morgan-Knapp
Nicholas Hall
Deegree: B.A. Philosophy, Environmental Studies, Binghamton University; M.A. Philosophy, Binghamton University
AOS: Environmental Ethics
AOC: Normative and Applied Ethics
Advisor: Anja Karnein
Jeffrey Hastings
Degree: B.A. Philosophy, Depaul University; M.A. Philosophy, Binghamton University
AOS: Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory
AOC: Analytic Ethics, History of Philosophy
Advisor: Robert Guay
Karin Howe |  website
Degree: B.A. SUNY Cortland, M.S. Carnegie Mellon, M.A. Binghamton University 
AOS: Political Philosophy
Logic, Philosophy of Language, Ethics
Bat-Ami Bar On
"The Political Role of Conscientious Refusal" (working title)
Ann Johnson
Degree: B.A., M.A. Boise State
AOS: Social Philosophy, Feminism, Phenomenology
Bat-Ami Bar On
Seulki Kim 
Degree: B.A., M.A. Ewha Womans University
Advisor: Robert Guay
Dissertation: "Nietzsche on Reason" (working title)
Nick Kreuder

Degree: B.A. SUNY Geneseo, M.A. Binghamton University
AOS: Normative and Applied Ethics
Advisor: Christopher Morgan-Knapp

Huseyin S. Kuyumcuoglu
Degree: B.S. Computer Engineering, Bogazici University; M.A. Philosophy, Bogazici University (Turkey)
AOS: Moral and Political Philosophy, Political Economy, Exploitation
AOC: Normative Ethics, Justice
Advisor: Max Pensky
Courtney Miller
Degree: B.A. John Carroll University, M.A. Binghamton University
AOS: Social and Political Philosophy
Feminist Philosophy, Epistemology, Applied Ethics (Medical Ethics and Environmental Ethics)
Bat-Ami Bar On
Dissertation: "Structuring Epistemic Injustice" (working title)
Gina Santiago
Degree: B.A. Philosophy and Sociology, Providence College, M.A. Philosophy, Binghamton University
AOS: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy
AOC: Modern Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
Advisor: Anthony Preus
Dissertation: Eristic Arguments and Limits of Philosophical Discourse in Plato's Euthydemus" (working title)
Sinan Oruc
Degree: B.A. Bogazici University, M.A. Galatasaray University
Advisor: Max Pensky
Khagendra Prasai
Degree: B.A., M.A., Tribhuvan University, M.A. U. South Florida
Advisor: Max Pensky
Richard Saucedo
Degree: B.A. Depaul University
AOS: Social and Political, Virtue Ethics, Asian Philosophy
Charles Goodman
Tucker Sechrest
Degree: B.A. Arizona, M.A. University of Chicago
AOS: Political Philosophy
Anthony Reeves
Jessica Vera Wielgus
Degree: B.A. DePaul University, M.A. Philosophy, Binghamton University
Migration Ethics, Conceptions of Moral Responsibility
AOC: Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy
Advisor: Max Pensky
M. Blake Wilson
Degree: B.A. San Francisco State University, M.A. San Diego State University, J.D. University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law
AOS: Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy
AOC: 19th C. German Philosophy, Ethics
Advisor: Max Pensky
Dissertation: "What's So Private About Private Property?"
Fernando Zapata
Degree: B.A. Queens College, M.A. Stony Brook University
AOS: American Philosophy (esp. Dewey), Social and Political Philosophy
AOC: Aesthetics, Ethics
Randy Friedman

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