Lisa Tessman on New Books in Philosophy

An hour-long podcast interview on Moral Failure with Lisa Tessman | Read More.


Binghamton Philosophy Journal

A collection of essays drawn from Undergraduate Students in the Pell Honors Program. | Read more


STUDENT Spotlight

We have some of the best and brightest graduate students in the country studying with us right now...see what they are working on. | Read More


Visting Speaker

Professor, academic and human rights activist Thomas Pogge was introduced by Max Pensky, chair of the Philosophy Department, as "an exemplary model of what it looks like for an intellectual to 'walk the walk.'" | Read More

Philosophy Department At Binghamton University

The Department's undergraduate major offers a broad spectrum of introductory and advanced courses including logic and critical reasoning, the history of Western and Asian philosophy, existentialism and phenomenology, ethical and political philosophy, and epistemology.

The Department's distinctive doctoral graduate program in Social, Political, Ethical and Legal philosophy (SPEL) trains graduate students in areas of value theory and places special emphasis on professional development and placement.

The Department also cooperates closely with the undergraduate interdisciplinary major in Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL).

Last Updated: 11/2/15