Colloquia and Workshops


Program in Social, Political, Ethical and Legal Philosophy (SPEL)
Philosophy Department, Binghamton University

Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings are on Thursdays from 11:45-1:00 in UUW 324.

Fall 2008

Sept. 11

Speaker: Josh Wretzel, Binghamton University
"Responding to Reasons: Brandom and Kant on the Transcendentality of Rationality"
Commentator: Shoni Rancher

Oct. 2

Scott Anderson,
University of British Columbia and University of Chicago Law School
"Coercion as Enforcement"
Commentator: Shay Welch

Oct. 16

Speaker: Jeff McMahan, Rutgers University
"Killing Civilians in War"
Commentator: Brandon Davis-Shannon

Oct. 30

Speaker: Tony Preus, Binghamton University
"Aristotle on the Disease of Oligarchy: Its Causes and Cures"
Commentator: Regan Rule

Nov. 13

Speaker: Sigal Ben-Porath, University of Pennsylvania
"Why Paternalism is Good for You"
Commentator: Marlisa Moschella

Dec. 4

Speaker: Bat-Ami Bar On, Binghamton University
"Accountability and Terrorism"
Commentator: Jess Kyle

Spring 2009


Please reserve Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:45-1:00 for talks by job candidates, in case we get to hire.

March 12

Speaker: Michelle Kosch, Cornell University
Title TBA
Commentator: Alejandro Arango

March 26

Speaker: Selin Gürsözlü, Binghamton University
"Virtues and Flourishing under Oppression"
Commentator: Jessie Payson

April 16

Speaker: Sean Johnston, Binghamton University
"Dissentient Worlds: the Liberal Individual in Locke, Rawls, and Mill"
Commentator: Jack Marsh

April 30

Speaker: Steve Scalet, Binghamton University
Title TBA
Commentator: Sean Cummings

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